MJ Habib


"How to Build Your Own Internet Business From Nothing..."


Hello, My name is MJ Habib and I am a computer engineer, but my full-time job is trading in the Forex market.

In 2018, I started to learn and trade in the Forex market so I realized if I want to be a successful trader, I should see it as a profession and a business not just a hobby or a simple investment to make some extra money, that's why I focus only in this job and although I did have other skills, but I spent my whole time just to be an expert in this market.

So I learned and used tens of courses such as Robert Miner and other experienced traders that I knew is useful for me and now I think I could become a master in the most common trading strategy in both Technical and Fundamental analysis.

Now that I'm writing my biography here, I managed to develop my personal trading strategy in the Forex market using both Technical and Fundamental analysis along with my trading experience. So I think now is the time to transfer some of my experience with other traders in all around the world.


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