Ivan Vidovic

My name is Ivan and I am (as of 2019) 34 years old.

Graduated electrical engineer with more than 9 years of experience in the professional design of various industrial electrical and automation systems (production lines, industrial machines).

Last 4 years working as a freelancer.

Professional experience from different industries, for example Oil & Energy, Food & Beverages, dairy factories, chemical industry, Automotive( car body manufacturing - Karosserierohbau and industrial paint shops - Lackieranlagen)

International working experience (Germany, Norway, Sweden, Russia, China) I have been working in EPLAN since 2010, since version 1.9.

Eplan Electric P8 Advanced User Certificate.

I have published 9 courses so far on Udemy. And counting. The last one on November 12, 2019 (Eplan Pro Panel Beginners Course).

My courses cover in general Electrical Design Engineering with a lot of examples and scenarios from the real-world. So I don't only show you how to use the tools (software) but I also make sure you already see the practical example from the real-world.

If designing of industrial power, control and safety systems is your thing, then you've come to the right place.

Let's prosper together!

With kind regards,

Your Instructor for Electrical Design,

Ivan (aka Eplan Tutor)