Rebecca G Brizi

Read more about my experience as a manager, a strategist, and an avid reader and coffee drinker. (The latter is not directly a business skill, to be fair). 

You will find courses here about both what I do for my business, and how I advise my clients. 


I spent eleven years working in a software company, joining at the initial startup phase and moving the company through a product change, to establishing a new market and subsidiary company in the United States. The latter was generating more than 45% of business growth (by volume and value) within 3 years.

Most importantly: I learned the impact of good strategy. In other words, the importance of ensuring all our business goals, plans, people, and resources were properly aligned and working towards the same goal. 

Since March 2017 I work freelance providing consulting, training, and plan creations for small and medium sized businesses who are establishing their market or pursuing new growth strategies.