Jean R Dora

Jean R. Dora

PenTesting Speciality, CyberSecurity IT Trainor & Consultant

IT Trainor, PenTester & Consultant:

Strongly motivated when it comes to Ethical Hacking, network and web applications. Jean R. Dora comes to Simpliv with a Master degree in computer science in Cyber Security field (2017), with a PhD level in Cryptology.


- Advanced knowledge in Kali Linux

- Network troubleshooting problems. Packets sniffing, scanning network, scanning web application using BurpSuite and Nmap/Zenmap tools, and so many others.

- Good understanding of Linux (Ubuntu, Kali), Windows, Mac operating system.

- Firewall establishment, Firewall hole, Bypass Firewall

- Advanced level of Penetration testing for detecting possible vulnerabilities.

- Good knowledge of Trojan, DOS, DDOS, Attacking Network/website, Securing Network/website, Cyber roam, Foot printing tools, Enumerations, System Hacking, Ways for eavesdropping network communication, Password Cracking

- In cryptography area, a very well-understanding of how AES, RSA, Diffie-Hellman, DSA, ECDSA, ElGamal, work, the importance of Prime numbers.

- Java programming language is our first language we mostly used at work.

Personal note:

I am eager, always ready to learn new techniques to detect vulnerabilities.