Jaco van Stryp

Problem Solver! Your business needs creative & Innovative software to solve existing problems?

Bring it on!

I am best known for:

+ Critical Thinking;

+ Developing Innovative Software;

+ Problem Solving;

+ Going The Extra Mile;

+ Team Work;

I've always been interested in Software Development, and for me, developing software is not seen as a job, but more of a mission to make the world a better place.

I've always believed that automating something that would have taken hours to manually do, is the way to go in this world.

I am highly passionate about software development and IT in general. I enjoy problem-solving and have a mind that always seeks innovative ideas to make daily lives less difficult & stressful.

I've tasked myself with various projects in software development as a hobby to explore what's possible, examples include: web pages, automated scripts, software to enhance student lives, home automation, etc

Working hard when it comes to achieving a goal that's meant to improve someone's life or make a task less difficult is what I enjoy doing. Software is the future and I've won multiple awards due to my passion for it since.

I've received rewards and achievements for my work and I'm very proud of doing so.

Our future is based on code, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.