Creativity Within Classrooms

To Teach is to preach. The subjective modulation task the regime of learning to years and years of research with a leverage of connect within the learnears.  Teach children to teach themselves, and foster a love for learning. So, why are there so many students who cave in and quit? Why are the student dropout rates at an astonishingly high rate? What ever happened to parental involvement and budgets that generally supported a solid, quality education?

To the pride of learning, I ask,  what are students expected to learn from their classroom experiences? What do they truly need to know in order to be successful and prepared for college or career readiness? Current research shows that Deep Learning and Close Reading techniques greatly improve academic results for all students involved. How do we, as educators, foster these and other researched based programs into more schools?

To the very say of Quality instruction as a vital component of a quality education; however, not all learning is acquired and grasped inside of the classroom environment. Indeed, teachers should encourage students to explore, be critical thinkers, and become learner-centered. An exceptional teacher focuses upon classroom teaching, community building, and individualized mentor-ship.

The time says it all, with the inception of technology in education, for sure, the page is there for sure. However, irrespective of the perseverance, determination and aptitude of highly qualified educators, ultimately, students will get out of their education what they put in. The philosophical dilemma doesn't exist with the concept of inspiring the already gifted students, or edifying the students who have a passion for learning. The true challenge of teaching is engaging and nurturing the love of learning for all students, especially those who have academically and emotionally "checked out".

The solace remains towards bringing learning within the four walls of the classrooms from the BLACK SCREENS of the kids, of desk tops, lap tops and now the palm tops via mobile. Students need to attain more than rigorous content objectives. There needs to be a paradigm shift towards less palpable skills, and a greater emphasis on creative thinking, collaboration and problem solving coupled with rigorous teaching and instruction. Students will largely benefit when they are able to reflect upon and evaluate ways to improve their overall comprehension, as teachers should also seek beneath and beyond the expectations of standards to teach the whole child.

As a lifelong learner, I take delight in being the student and the teacher. I embrace the challenges of pedagogy and an academic arena of active learning and teamwork. Within the framework of quality instruction and learning is the need for real world experiences, discussions, analysis and evaluations.