Want to Become a Google Digital Marketing Specialist? Here’s How You Can!

For anyone wanting to become a Google Digital Marketing Specialist, what I can say is that the time is now. The www has never really been on a downswing for any number of years that one can take one’s mind back to. Google being the leading search engine by a long shot, it is natural that the emergence of the worldwide web should bring about humungous opportunities for businesses. After all, isn’t Google the first source that anyone goes to for any information, including on businesses?

With as many as three billion people on this planet accessing the Net (read Google) for any kind of information, it is an opportunity that is simply too big to be missed. Any wonder then that only American companies are investing over $70 billion on SEO, the medium through which digital marketing is done? 

Businesses that want to be seen on this search engine of such tremendous reach and power do all the possible means to appear on the top page of a search relevant to their industry. The biggest challenge for SEO is to have businesses appearing on the top page of Google searches. This is the primary job of a Google digital marketing specialist. To achieve this, the specialist uses a number of tactics and tricks.

The job market is waiting for SEO specialists 

This makes the job of an SEO specialist quite a coveted one. And for good reason: you don’t have to spend exorbitant costs on acquiring the skills needed to become an SEO specialist. True, proper education goes a long way in helping to hone SEO skills and there are universities that offer courses, even an MBA, on digital marketing. But this education is not a prerequisite to starting or progressing in a career involving SEO. In fact, many top SEO specialists have got there with nothing more than just a certificate course. Most SEO professionals become specialists by learning on the job and honing their skills there. 

If this is one advantage of learning how to become a Google Digital Marketing Specialist; the job market is another solid motivator. Depending on the various job positions that come in digital marketing, such as SEO managers, digital marketing managers, social media managers, SEM/PPC experts, content marketers, affiliate marketing leaders and such others; one can earn upwards of $ 110,000 in the US, based on one’s experience and expertise.

So, if all these convince you that becoming a Google Digital Marketing Specialist is something you are comfortable with and want to pursue with purpose and determination, look at some factors of how to become a Google Digital Marketing Specialist:

Learn the tricks of the trade

Feeling like booting me for offering this corniest of suggestions on how to become a Google Digital Marketing Specialist? Fact is, this is the truest and simplest way to becoming a specialist in any field. Google Digital Marketing, as I have already mentioned, is not an ultra-specialization skill like surgery or piloting. It is learnt by becoming familiar with the way the Google search engine works. 

The basis to becoming a Google Digital Marketing Specialist is to get familiar with how Google crawls up a website and searches for certain phrases, keywords or tags and to learn to position them accordingly. This of course, is easier said than done. Yet, it is the core skill you really need to become a Google Digital Marketing Specialist. This is something you will acquire over time, practice, observation and patience.

Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a handy, and in fact, the only real tool to assess the traffic you are getting to your website, so make sure you install it and understand how it works to help track your traffic regularly.

Use the social media generously

After all, Google is conditioned to pick up keywords from anywhere on the www. With the social media reaching billions of people, having a strong presence there is sure to add to your credentials of becoming a Google Digital Marketing Specialist. The test of your ability as an SEO specialist lies primarily in how many defined people in your market you can reach out to through the social media.

The most powerful of all techniques: become a thought leader in your field

All the techniques and tricks of understanding how Google works apart; there is no substitute to original and thought-provoking content if you want to become a Google Digital Marketing Specialist. What has one got to do with the other, you might be wondering. Google always has an undying penchant for anything that is fresh and original. Publishing highly niche articles in an area of specialization spreads the word around among the community of users, which increases the number of quality and unique visitors. It is the best advertising your website can get. It is like the word of mouth efforts that gradually go on to promote a product better and more effectively than the best copywriting skills.