Course: Increase Your Brand Awareness Online - Tips and Strategies

Increase Your Brand Awareness Online - Tips and Strategies

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About this Course

There are approximately four primary methods by which businesses look to improve their brand's public presence on the Internet today. The first is to work at improving their organic viewing visibility in search engines such as Google and Yahoo Bing. They do this by taking steps to improve the structures and content of their online assets such as their websites - which is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. 

Next they advertise on various search engines which is called SEM or Search Engine Marketing.

Businesses also build their presence on a number of social media sites; doing this in such a way so as to try to get viewers of their content on these sites to click on their content so as to be taken back to their websites or other locations where they can more fully present the products and services they offer and close sales to earn revenue.

And the last primary method is that they work hard at trying to become "authority figures" in their business niches so as to build external back links to their content selling locations. To do this, they contribute their thoughts to forums, they guest post on 3rd party sites and blog sites, they create published videos on sites like Vimeo and YouTube, they write articles and books, they interact with others on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat; and they do what ever else they can think of to get others thinking about them and talking about them.

This course touches on all of these areas; giving the student strategies and tips to employ so as to improve online awareness about their businesses. 

If you are looking to improve your own venture's online visibility, then this course is a good idea for you to take. Many of the ideas and strategies presented within could catapult your business to the next level of earning possibilities so consider making the small investment to proceed. And there is a money back guarantee paid by Udemy to you if you find the course does not meet your expectations. Having built this content, I don't think you will be doing that though.

I look forward to seeing you sign up for this course. See you on the inside!

Best wishes, 

Dan Grijzenhout - Course Creator

Basic knowledge
  • The student should have an existing online business in operation to receive full benefit from the course
  • It is a good course for existing online businesses and business owners
What you will learn
  • The student will learn a number of strategies that can be used to improve their business presence online
  • The student will learn how to use social media platforms effectively to obtain more website traffic
  • The student will receive some great SEO improvement tips
  • The student will learn a number of digital marketing and advertising strategies that will be useful in promoting their business online
Number of Lectures: 17
Total Duration: 01:25:05
Introduction to Building Brand Awareness Online
  • Increase Your Brand Awareness Online - Introduction  

    This video introduces the course and what the student will view as he/she goes through the lessons. Welcome to the course!

Increasing Brand Awareness Organically
  • A Checklist for Growing Traffic Organically to Your Website  

    This lecture provides a checklist of ideas to pursue to increase the organic traffic to your website.

  • Strengthening Internal Website Links - The Hub and Spoke Strategy  

    There is a strategy that many organizations use to strengthen their website presence in the eyes of the Google Search Engine. This lecture describes what they do and how it works to improve your SEO rankings over time. Be sure not to miss this lecture.

  • Why It Is Important to Optimize Your Website for SEO  

    There are two ways to get your website found on the Internet. The first is where you spend money to try get people to look at your site in the hopes of getting them to purchase from you. The second is to let people know how to reach you when they are already out there searching so they can purchase the types of things you sell. if they find you in the second scenario, there is a good chance they will buy from you. Which type of people do you want to see on your site the most - those that are looking for you already or those that you try to entice to your site through promotions and gifts?

  • The Art of Search Engine Optimization  

     I've included this lecture to give the student some strategies they can employ to help their websites improve their Google Quality scores so as to rank better in the Google search engine organically.

Building Brand Awareness Through Social Media
  • Using LinkedIn to Create Brand Awareness  

    Do you want to connect with and promote yourself to other business professionals? LinkedIn is the best platform in the world to achieve this goal for you.

  • Create YouTube Playlists to Increase Brand Awareness  

    YouTube playlists are a great way to build your presence and authority status online. Learn how to create them and what the can do for you - even if you don't build your own videos.

  • Building Brand Awareness With Pinterest  

    Pinterest is a great place to place images and videos that lead back to your content on your website and other online assets. With consistent posting and following strategies, you can build for yourself a significantly sized following relatively quickly - so be sure to watch this video to learn more.

  • Advertising on YouTube  

    Use YouTube advertisements to promote your business and products online. It is a very economical way to get the word out about your business.

  • Leveraging the Organic Power of Facebook  

    This lecture overviews useful online marketing strategies and tips learned to help the student use Facebook effectively to improve sales and traffic to their websites. These tips will help the student to build more traffic and build greater brand awareness to their business.

  • Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Facebook Notes  

    This is one of my favorite Facebook strategies. Facebook has a very polished user interface for creating notes and it is a great way to build in links from these notes back to your websites and places you sell from. Not to mention, you build trust with your potential customers by providing them with this additional content and notes are easy to share as posts on other business pages that you have "Liked as a Business Page". Use notes to post to Facebook groups you have joined as well. - and remember to use hashtags!

  • Posting to Groups on Facebook  

    A great way to get organic traffic to both your Facebook Business Page and to your web or blog site is to join and post to "targeted" Facebook Groups. This lecture shows you how to get this done.

  • Using KBoards to Promote Your Books and Business  

    KBoards is a great place to advertise any Amazon Kindle books you have published and it is very useful as a Forum type of site to help bring more awareness to your business and your website as you make your own posts and comment on the work of others. You can build some authority presence/visibility here and some good backlinks to your website so be sure to include this site in your efforts to further your brand awareness.

Pay Per Click Advertising - Using Google AdWords and the Merchant Center
  • What is Google AdWords  

    This lecture provides an introduction to the Google AdWords application. It describes how the application works in overview and the value it has to advertisers and business owners trying to grow their ventures online.

  • Google AdWords Quality Scores Ad Rankings and Ad Placements  

    This video lecture is the heart and soul of learning how to make optimized targeted ads that place well within the Google search engine, how to achieve greater conversion percentages and how to improve placement when search engine results pages are rendered. This is definitely a "Must View" lecture in this series.

  • Create Video Ads Using Google AdWords  

    This video lecture walks the student though the steps of creating video advertisements starting from published YouTube videos and ending up in Google AdWords to be processed and activated.

  • Create Standout Shopping Ads Using Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords  

    Once you have uploaded your product feeds to the Google Merchant Center, you are ready to create some standout Shopping ad campaigns. This video lecture walks you through this process so be sure to view it.

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