Course: How to Get the Most from Your Meetings

How to Get the Most from Your Meetings

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About this Course

Making an impact and getting the outcomes you want is a skill set that all business professionals need.

And some of your most valuable time you spend is in meetings. 

So, getting the most from your meetings is crucial. If you don’t, meetings can easily become a waste of your time, and a showcase for your weaknesses.

This course is designed for business professionals and senior managers, who need to make your meetings work for you.

  • The first half prepares you with a solid grounding in the basics of how meetings work. But it will give you new tips and ideas to set you up for success
  • And the second half puts the focus on you and how you can project executive presence, create impact, and develop gravitas: the authority and trust that puts you at the top of people’s list of who to consult and trust

Here are the main topics you'll learn about:

  • Everything you need to do, to prepare for an effective meeting
  • The five types of meeting and how you can combine them
  • An 'Agenda for Results'
  • The two most important parts of a meeting
  • Building rapport with FROGS
  • The four stages of a meeting
  • How to project presence
  • How to create impact with what you say
  • How to generate a sense of gravitas and authority
  • What is you get a question at your meeting, and you don't know the answer?
  • After a long career of advising clients, Mike will share the perfect, high-trust, high-value answer to any question.

In addition, you'll get downloadable workbook.

A Personal Message from the Course Tutor, Mike

This course came about when a client booked me for a conference for senior managers in professional services firms. 

These high-powered people attend a lot of meetings and need to make their contributions to those meetings count. This is, after all, were they give the advice they are paid for, or make the sales that bring in new work.

But this time, as well as preparing carefully for the conference, I decided to record the sound, and develop a unique set of visuals to illustrate the ideas in a way that simply isn't possible in the live environment.

So, I hope you will enjoy and benefit from this innovative course, that combines the spontaneity of a live seminar, with the careful preparation of an online course.

Prior Experience 

The only prior experience you need is attending business meetings in your working life. 

Your Tutor 

Your tutor is Dr. Mike Clayton. As a senior project, program and change manager at international consulting firm, Deloitte, Mike attended many meetings while he led large and complex change projects for his clients. 

Now, as a trainer and facilitator, he has been applying what he learned and teaching it to others. This course represents 15 years' experience of what tools students find most helpful, and 25 years experience in business.

And What if you have questions?

I will be on hand to answer your questions if you get stuck, puzzled, or just want to know more. As a professional trainer, this is what I do, and I promise to respond within 24 hours of your question arriving with me from Simpliv. 

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Who is the target audience?

  • Business professionals
  • Senior managers and aspiring senior managers
  • Professional services leaders and aspiring professional services leaders
Basic knowledge
  • Experience of business meetings
What you will learn
  • Structure effective meetings
  • Prepare your meetings so they are set up to succeed
  • Make effective use of the two most important parts of your meetings
  • Build rapport at the outset of your meetings
  • Project presence, so people sit up and take notice of you
  • Speak with authority, so people seek out and listen to what you have to say
Number of Lectures: 20
Total Duration: 01:15:13
Introduction - Top Tips for Meetings
  • Introduction - Top Tips for Meetings  

    This is the opening section, in which Mike will introduce why you need to get the most from your meetings.

    Please do download and print your course workbook, so you can follow along and make notes as you go.

Get ready... Preparing for Your Meeting
  • What do you want?  

    The first thing to think about is the outcomes you want from your meeting. 

    And Mike will introduce you to one of the most valuable concepts in professional life... the 'Evidence Procedure'.

  • What type of conversation?  

    Meetings consist of conversations. 

    And there are five types of conversation, listed on page 3 of your workbook. 

    In this part of the course, Mike describes each type, and what it can achieve.

  • Your Meeting Agenda  

    Far too often, an agenda is an afterthought that we throw onto an email with little or no consideration.

    But if you want to get results from your meeting, you'll need an 'Agenda for Results'. Mike will describe how it works in this lecture, and you can see a template on page 4 of your workbook.

  • Who is leading the meeting?  

    This may sound like an obvious - even unnecessary - question.

    But, the fact is that thinking about this in advance can be the difference from getting what you want... and not. 

    Mike will explain why.

  • Housekeeping  

    Okay, so there are always some pretty mundane things to think about. Mike covers them all here.

    But, don't be tempted to skip this lecture, thinking you know this stuff. If you miss one detail...

    'For the want of a nail, the shoe was lost...'

Meeting Structure - How to Get Your Meeting Right
  • The two most important parts of a meeting  


    You think I'm going to tell you what they are here?

    It's a short lecture... Just watch it!

  • Build rapport with FROGS  

    Building rapport before the meeting starts formally will make everything go more smoothly.

    But, what to talk about?

    You know you need to avoid religion and politics, so what is safe?

    FROGS - stands for five safe topics of rapport-building conversation.

  • Meeting Structure - The Four Stages of a Meeting  

    Now we are at the heart of the program. 

    Let's look at the four stages of the meeting proper.

Projecting Executive Presence
  • Project Presence - Introduction  

    Now we've covered how to make the meeting work, what about you?

    How can you exude executive presence, and make the right kind of positive, authoritative impact?

  • Power Presence Part 1  

    Let's find out what our audience knows about projecting presence and standing out at a meeting.

  • Power Presence Part 2  

    Let's find out what our audience knows about projecting presence and standing out at a meeting.

    And Mike will add some extra thoughts.

  • Power Posture  

    The right posture is an important aspect of the way you project presence to the room.

  • Power Poise  

    Poise is calmness and confidence...

    But about so much more too.

How to Create a Strong, Positive Impact
  • Create Impact by Selecting  

    There's so much information available...

    The person who makes the biggest contribution is often the one who can select which information to focus on.

  • Create Impact by Structuring  

    Once you have selected what you want to say, you need to think about how you say it.

    Mike will show you two formulas that will make your compelling and your message powerful.

  • Create Impact by Simplifying, Synthesizing, and Summarizing  

    Now you have selecting and structuring under your belt.

    There are three other keys to impact contributions:

    1. Simplifying
    2. Synthesizing
    3. Summarizing

    Let's look at each.

How to Generate Gravitas - Give off a Sense of Authority
  • Slow and Deliberate  

    What is gravitas and why is it important?

    Try asking someone who feels nobody takes their ideas seriously.

    Gravitas is the authority and weight that leads people to seek out your opinions, embrace your ideas, and trust your judgement.

  • Stillness and Silence  

    What does Morgan Freeman know, that you can learn from?

  • The Universal Answer to any Question  

    What is you get a question at your meeting, and you don't know the answer?

    After a long career of advising clients, Mike will share the perfect, high-trust, high-value answer to any question.

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