Course: Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business

Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business

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About this Course

How to start your own bookkeeping business course is for all the would-be bookkeepers out there who dream of working for themselves one day and for all the aspiring accounting students who would like to have their own practice one day. It's not a silver bullet, and so if you've already started your own bookkeeping business, you may still find value in the course but it is for the start-ups.

In the course we look at things such as mindset, what you need when you start a bookkeeping business, finding and keeping clients happy and how to get out of the game. There's various exercises to help you to test your bookkeeping / accounting skills/knowledge.

The best selling book "How To Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business and be Successful" (as a PDF) is included. The course will take approx 2 hours to complete plus reading time.

The way the course is structured - you read a chapter from the book and then watch the video and have a go at any of the exercises / examples given.

The course is ideal if you are serious about embarking upon a career in bookkeeping. Even if you are currently a self employed bookkeeper, you'll still get value from this course because we look at running a bookkeeping BUSINESS and not just being employed as a bookkeeper and having a job - this is a completely different mindset.

We touch on academic skills -and being technically competent to be a bookkeeper, but this is not a 'bookkeeping course' - this is a business course, focused on how to run a specific type of business - namely a bookkeeping business.

The lecturer began a bookkeeping business for £150, with no experience and ran and grew it successfully for 10 years so none of this material is theoretical or hypothetical. Its real, its practical and it works.

Who is the target audience?

  • Bookkeepers and accountants who want to start their own bookkeeping business
Basic knowledge
  • A genuine interest in wanting to start your own bookkeeping business is useful
What you will learn
  • Know how to start and run a bookkeeping business
  • Identify key objectives when starting up, so that you focus on what is important and run a successful business
  • Understand what it takes to run a bookkeeping business successful
Number of Lectures: 23
Total Duration: 02:19:10
  • Introduction  

    Intro to the book How to start your own bookkeeping business - download the ebook and the author - why she got started in business.

  • Mindset  

    What kind of a person do you need to be, to be in a business like this?

The idea
  • Game plan  

    How to create a one page business plan

  • The minimums  

    10 qualities

Getting started
  • Getting started  

    The 4 p's of product, price, place, promotion

  • Getting parted part 2  

    The 5 W's

  • Getting started part 3  

    Additional equipment and materials

Up and running
  • The technicals  

    Potential courses to do to gain qualifications

  • Quiz  

    Test your debits and credits

  • First 7 days  

    First 7 days in business

  • Marketing - 14 ways in 14 days  
  • First client  

    What to do with your first client!

  • Legal contracts  

    What contracts and paperwork you should have and with whom.

Test exercises
  • Mrs Jones Exercise  
  • Mr Rothwell exercise  


  • Malvern Wholesalers example  

    Have a go at doing the books for Malvern Wholesalers

Staying in the game
  • Client retention  
  • Overflow  
  • Managing cashflow  
  • Systems  

    Systems you need to have in place for your business

  • Need help  

    Where to go and who to turn to for help

Getting out the game
  • Getting out of the game  
  • Final thoughts  
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