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About this Course

"Achieve Your Dream" is a concise, inspirational, and motivational course designed to help you focus on your main goal for this year and then nail it in the shortest possible time.

In a series of sixteen 'talking head' videos, Rob Parnell - author of over 30 bestselling self-help books - delivers a strategy that can change your life for the better.

If you've ever had a dream and feel that now is the time to make it a firm reality, then this course could be the magic key you need to open the door to a brighter future.

Become Master Of Your Own Destiny in Less Than Two Hours

In this potentially life-changing course, you'll discover how to:

  • See your goals as physical locations towards which you're traveling
  • Balance your mind, body, and spirit to ensure success
  • Acquire boundless motivation and enthusiasm - instantly
  • Zone in on what your really want
  • Quickly gain the skills you need for any goal
  • Prepare for any challenge and defeat it
  • Ensure you're in tip top shape for the journey ahead
  • Avoid dead ends, sharks, rogues, and roadblocks
  • Stay focused until your goal is nailed

Finally create the life you want - and soon - by following Rob Parnell's simple, step-by-step, instructional videos.

Fifteen years ago, your personal host and success coach, Rob Parnell, needed a way out of the nine to five, one that would provide a new income and better life.

He found that by carefully identifying his goal and then systematically working towards it, anything seemingly impossible could be achieved.

Since then, he has used his simple strategy - and success mindset - to create all kinds of new and exciting realities for himself.

Rob does not claim to have invented the strategy, only to simplifying goal achievement for any area, whether to do with weight-loss, business start up, to career changing, to writing a novel.

Whatever your most cherished dream, you will no doubt benefit from Rob's unique "Easy Way" vision.

As Rob says: "When you take total responsibility for your destiny, you can achieve anything you imagine."

Each lesson is around five minutes and full of advice, guidance and simple strategies for instant life-change and goal attainment.

You can apply the strategies to any goal you may wish to acquire.

Step by simple step, this course will guide you through the process of acquiring a success mindset, then help you to identify your most important goal.

Using the analogy of driving a fast car, the course will help you visualize your goal as an actual destination.

You will learn that a healthy balance between your mind, your body and your spirit is all you need to maintain the motivation, focus and perseverance to achieve any goal.

The course uses a combination of down home advice, simple exercises, and self-analysis templates to direct you on a journey to your dream, whether it's big or small.

You are encouraged to make daily lists, first to help visualize your success and then to track your progress as you move inevitably toward your pre-ordained destination.

Achievement is about preparing the ground and being equipped. the advice and guidance you receive throughout this course will help your overcome self-doubt, external challenges and internal demons in a safe environment - your own home - and at your own speed.

At the end of this course, armed with Rob Parnell's simple success strategies, you will be well-equipped to take on any goal and succeed in the shortest possible time.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for anyone who normally sets resolutions but who may not have had much success in the past.
  • For anyone who wants to become a full time goal achiever
Basic knowledge
  • No experience or special skills necessary. Just bring enthusiasm and a willingness to get whatever you want
What you will learn
  • Achieve any personal goal in the shortest possible time
  • Discover a simple strategy for permanent life enhancement
Number of Lectures: 15
Total Duration: 01:06:51
Start Achieving Your Dream
  • Introduction to Dream Achievement  

    Thank you for taking this Udemy course with me, your host, Rob Parnell.

    I'm a great believer in personal responsibility. Many of us go through our lives buffeted by the whims of friends, family, our employers, the corporate machine, and the governmental state we reside under. As individuals, we rarely stop to question whether we have sufficient power to change our lives for the better - and get what we want.

    Happiness, independence of thought, and success are not just things that may or may not happen to us, they are birthrights we must work on and take from life through goal setting, ongoing self-assessment, and by indulging in daily action focused on moving toward our dreams.

    I hope you find this course inspirational. It is based on a strategy - and the life philosophy - I have used to achieve sustained growth and positive change in my life over the last fifteen years. I hope you too will benefit from the information and tools contained within "Achieve Your Dream."

    Any questions, just ask through the Udemy console. I always answer.


    Rob Parnell

    Your Success is My Concern

  • The Dashboard Analogy  

    We do not live in a universe where the things we want appear the instant we wish for them. If we did, chaos would reign and we'd quickly be inundated with stuff we didn't know what to do with!

    Getting what we want is a process - a journey from A to B. When we want something in our lives, we must first identify exactly what that something is, then take positive steps toward the attainment of that goal. On the journey to our coveted destination, we need a healthy body to transport us, a strong mindset to sustain us, and faith in the inevitability of the outcome we seek.

    If we imagine we're travelling in a metaphorical car toward our dream, then the dashboard in front of us will have three gauges that monitor the relative strength and efficiency of our body, mind, and resolve. When each of these three factors are working in harmony, then arrival at our destination is assured.

    This video outlines the dashboard ana

  • Get Your Motor Running  

    If you're a rock music aficionado, you'll recognize the title from the first line of Steppenwolf's Born To Be Wild.

    The song was a 1970s anthem for hippies and bikers but, to me, also acts as a reminder, to this day, that within each of us is a free spirit that deserves attention - and that we have a divine right to self determination that needs to be nurtured.

    Too often we believe we must be content with what life has given us. I dispute this notion. I firmly believe we must participate in the co-creation of the universe by taking action to change and grow into the best version of ourselves we can muster. We were born to evolve into Maslow's state of "self actualization" - a condition of being whereby we have all that we want and require and are in a position to achieve everything we might desire.

    All this might sound rather nebulous and idealistic. In the video we look at more practical ways we can begin to take control of our lives.

    After all, at least half of getting what you want is rooted in believing you can grow and change.

    As in the words of the song:

    "Yeah, darling, gonna make it happen, take the world in a love embrace. 

    Fire all your guns at once and explode into space. 

    Like a true nature's child, we were born, born to be wild. 

    We can fly so high, we'll never wanna die."

  • Define Your Destination  

    There are as many roads to success as there are people. The trick is never to compare yourself to others or believe that someone else's success is somehow better than yours.

    You define what success means to you and then pursue your dreams on your own terms,

    In this lecture we discover a simple mechanism for identifying your number one goal at this present moment in time. It could be you have many goals but this course is about choosing just one major goal that may be achieved in the short term - so that you are then empowered to continue with more demanding goals further down the track.

    This is how we improve, grow, and change. We become more independent and self-sufficient over time. Once we have cracked a significant goal and realize we have the power to influence life and events in our favor, we become bolder and understand that we always had the power, hidden inside of us.

    When you are dissatisfied and want more, you do not have a disorder, you are merely human. And humans are meant to be creative, inspired, and adaptable.

    You are meant to achieve your dreams.

  • Study The Terrain  

    We all have a comfort zone - not only the place where we feel the most relaxed and at home, but also the place in which we may act out our fantasies.

    Much is said about the alleged need to move outside of our comfort zones to achieve different results. However, I do not subscribe to this theory.

    My feeling is that we have to absorb more of the unknown inside of our comfort zone in order to feel comfortable within an expanded (but largely home-based) platform.

    It used to be that if we wanted to change anything we had to move to the right city or find like minded souls. But that reality is no more. We all have the entire world at our fingertips.

    We do not need to scale mountains, sail mighty rivers, or trek to Nepal to expand our horizons. That's what the Internet is for. The real journey to find ourselves is within. As it always was. Therefore, if we want more, we must plant the seeds of opportunity inside our own garden and nurture our growth until we blossom where we are planted.

  • Make a Journey Plan  

    When you venture on a new goal it's important to know what to expect.

    Modern psychology teaches us we need "coping strategies" for upcoming events we may find irksome. The same is true for achieving dreams because often the most alarming aspect of change and growth is how uncomfortable we may feel along the journey.

    Pre-imagining events and outcomes can have a two-fold benefit.

    • To the subconscious mind, a rehearsal is as good as the real thing.
    • When you know how best to react before a challenge, the better able you are to cope duringa challenge.

    Always see the positive - and plan to see the positive in any potential threat or challenge. Have a back up strategy in place, but don't dwell on disaster!

    Make a plan - and a plan B - and always look forward to the best possible outcome.

  • Your Final Checklist  
  • Get Behind The Wheel  

    It's time! You're now ready to begin, knowing that your goal is easily attainable because you are prepared.

    It takes courage to embark on a journey that is worthy. Reaching this far, you have proved you have the courage and tenacity to achieve your goal.

    Get behind the wheel of your symbolic racing car, check your surroundings and then pull out onto the road. Focus on the way forward. Don't keep looking back because the specter of your past is not worth your attention.

    No matter what your past, no matter what your experience of life to this point, you are now ready to take on the future and win!

  • Pick Up The Pace  

    One of the hardest parts of sustaining successful decision making is dealing with distractions. We often get pulled away from our dreams by daily life - but worse, we get hauled into tasks that we believe are part of the main goal but are really not.

    In order to stay focused we must ask ourselves, on a regular basis, whether our activities are furthering our main goal. It's important not to get too involved in small things so that we forget to work consistently on the big picture.

    Using the car analogy, I call things that take our mind off the main task, diversions from the main road.

    Ask yourself at the end of each day: have I worked on my goal at least 90% of the time?

    Am I focused?

    Are there activities I'm investing time in that are not particularly productive?

    If so, how can I better focus my energies tomorrow?

  • A Softer Ride  

    This lecture's title is taken from an old Status Quo song about giving up nine to five work to do something with your life that feels more worthwhile - that is, essentially, easier.

    That's the real point of working on our goals - to give us a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Because when we fulfill our heart's desire, we get a better life as a result. When we take control of our destinies, we are filled with a profound sense of purpose and meaning.

    That doesn't mean we work less hard, only that the work we do feels more purposeful.

    As you move closer to your goal, try to get a feel for what it would be like to take total responsibility for your life, from this moment on, and beyond.

    I'm sure the benefit - and the peace of mind that comes with it - will strike you profoundly.

  • Running Down a Dream  

    Again, a song title, this one from Tom Petty. And again, a song about believing in our ability to create the world of our making by following our instincts - even when we have no evidence our lives can change except for the surety of purpose in our hearts.

    Once you truly understand that at least half of all goal attainment is a simple belief in the idea of sustained self improvement, you're guaranteed to succeed. Ask anyone successful. Identifying what you need and knowing you can get what you want is the true secret to achieving goals.

    You don't need to be super-talented or more gifted than anyone else. You just have to want it more!

    The world is full of talented, smart, and beautiful people who never make anything of their lives.

    But only the successful understand it's not about what you've got, it's about making the best of what you have.

    Running Down a Dream 

  • Highways & Byways  

    The best way to build the future is not to focus too much on the past.

    In a car, the rear view mirror is a fraction of the size of the front wind screen. This is because what's behind you is nowhere near as crucial as what's in front of you.

    As a general rule, if you spend more than 5% of your time thinking about the past, that's too much.

    The past has gone. It's over. You don't need to analyze it with your conscious mind. Your subconscious will do that for you - and you will learn from your mistakes without overly dwelling on memories.

    Failure and regret only creates disenchantment and more failure. You have to keep your eyes on the road ahead and keep pushing forward, dealing the present and the future as it happens.

    That's how you stay on course for your goal.

  • Watch Your Speed Limit  

    Life is a community sport - there will always be other people involved in your quest for success. How you deal with others will in large part determine your results.

    Don't ride roughshod over other people's feelings. Don't force your will on others. Sociopaths may win in the short term but rarely sustain actual growth and positive change.

    The impatient go-getter who makes enemies and has no empathy for others is a cliche image that really has no counterpart in reality. The truly successful know how to create benefit for themselves and others. After all, you're much more likely to be successful if you're kind, courteous, and sympathetic to the people who can help you.

    When you push too hard you will upset people.

    Better to be the good guy or gal who is patient and considerate. At least then people are far less likely to resent your success.

  • Drive On Autopilot  

    When you're cruising in to land at your destination, keep steady and make no sudden moves to displace your progress.

    This analogy works just as well for cars and planes and boats are it does for goal achievement.

    It's tempting sometimes to do something rash and uncoordinated just before you get hold of your dream. Perhaps we all have a self-destruct mechanism that comes into play at the most inappropriate times!

    When we acquire patience we learn not to act rashly. The best way to deal with success is to accept it humbly and then move on to bigger and better goals.

    The change we may feel inside ourselves may be harsh and sudden. Be we must learn to accept our new selves with humility and calm.

  • Journey's End  

    Congratulations - you made it. I hope you're well on your way to achieving your goal, whatever that may be.

    The best part of achieving your dream may not be the end result. More likely the most satisfying element will be the sense of accomplishment you feel - knowing that you stayed the course and created something from nothing, purely through your thoughts and your own grit and determination.

    As I point out in this lecture, we are in a sense all gods of our own worlds.

    We create our own experiences, our reactions, our daily lives, and our destinies. We have far more control over our world than we imagine.

    The modern trend is toward homogeneity. We all apparently want the same things and enjoy the same things: movies, TV shows, books, whatever. The internet and the media revel in making us act like the herd, and responding en masse as one. That's fine if you never want anything to change.

    But if you want to be independent and get the life that you want - instead of the one spoon fed to you - then you have a duty to define your goals and achieve them, once, twice, and then as many times as you like.

    Because that's how you get to feel powerful, worthy, and fulfilled, now and in the future.

    Good luck - and thank you for taking this journey with me.

    Rob Parnell

    Your Success is My Concern

    Journey's End

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