Course: Effective Interpersonal Skills

Effective Interpersonal Skills

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About this Course

Using good interpersonal skills is often the difference between effectively communicating, and building barriers to the communication process. Understanding the individual and creating an environment conducive to effective communication is an efficient means to developing valuable relationships.

Good interpersonal skills create significant advantages when communicating to build successful relationships. Consciously gathering information as you enter the process will make you more effective. Think of it as gathering intelligence to become more efficient. 

Basic knowledge
  • Able to understanding Interpersonal Skills
What you will learn
  • Using interpersonal skills to enhance personal effectiveness at the workplace
Number of Lectures: 18
Total Duration: 01:26:39
Effective Interpersonal Skills
  • The Skill Of The Past Present And Future  
  • What Does Your Behaviour Say About You  
  • How Well Do You Know Yourself  
  • The Importance Of Sharing Things About Yourself  
  • The Eyes - The Windows To Others' Minds  
  • Observation - A Source Of Real Power  
  • Do You Still Judge Others? - Learn How To Stop  
  • Gaining More Power And Control  
  • Stepping Into Your Most Resourceful State  
  • Developing The Rapport Power  
  • The Most Logical Way To Understand Anyone  
  • How To Say Less And Communicate More  
  • Putting Your Ego To Rest  
  • Giving Feedback With Impact  
  • Getting Better By Getting Inputs  
  • Looking At The Brighter Side  
  • Getting Better - Step By Step  
  • If You Want To Keep Developing One Skill - This Should Be It  
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