Course: Executive Presence: Moving From A Cubicle To A Corner Office

Executive Presence: Moving From A Cubicle To A Corner Office

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About this Course

This is the course designed to take you from the cubicle to the corner office. You've mastered the technical aspects of your career and feel you are ready to make a real difference in your organisation. But the difference between middle management and executive management is profound. Technical mastery is assumed. What's more important is how you lead and influence others through relationships and communication skills. When you enter a boardroom, you command presence with poise and confidence. Wouldn't it be nice if opportunity found you, rather than waiting for random chance. This is the course that turns the tables. Take control of your career and accelerate your path to the corner office.

Who is the target audience?

  • High potential professionals, particularly those working in accounting and finance
Basic knowledge
  • You better be serious about moving from the cubicle to the corner office
What you will learn
  • Plan a path to the corner office
  • Excel in the executive role
  • Attain strategic levels of influence
  • Lead with confidence and poise under pressure
Number of Lectures: 38
Total Duration: 03:29:25
Build Your Confidence
  • Overview of the Course and Building Your Confidence  

    Listen tot he story of how Blair "fell" into his first executive role and what he has learned since.

  • Workbook that Accompanies this Course  

    Download this workbook to follow as you work through this course.

  • Overcome Your Imposter Syndrome  

    All that negative self-talk in your head stifles your confidence. Recognize it. Own it. And develop strategies to overcome it.

  • Feeling Powerful  

    Power is a feeling, it's not a title. Learn how to harness your personal power.

  • Poise Under Pressure  

    Confidence comes from a hormonal reaction. Learn how to trigger assertiveness and reduce anxiety.

  • Confidence Recap  

    These are the key takeaways from this section.

Relationship Building
  • Why You Need Relationships  

    Let go of the detail and work outside of your department to ultimately achieve Executive Presence.

  • Emotional and Social Intelligence  

    Emotional and social intelligence are critical to building better relationships, learn the key elements of these two intelligences.

  • Managing Office Politics  

    Office politics is seductive and our brain loves it, but its cancerous to not only the organization, but also our careers. Learn to play the game, or rather not at all.

  • Making the Most of First Impressions  

    You've got 2 seconds to make a strong first impression. How do you do it?

  • Becoming a Conversationalist  

    Being a conversationalist means to be more interested and less interesting. Learn to strike up a conversation with anyone and initiate a relationship.

  • Relationship Management  

    Building deeper relationships doesn't happen by accident. You must work at it. Learn some strategies to deepen your relationships.

  • Relationship Building Recap  

    Let's recap the key ideas in this section.

Communication Skills
  • Overview of Executive Communication Skills  

    Get an overview of what is covered in this section.

  • Principles of Persuasion: Ethos, Logos, Pathos  

    Ethos, Pathos, and Logos are the basis of persuasion dating back to the day of Aristotle. Since then, every pundit has regurgitated these three principles in one form or another. Do you know what they are?

  • Building Rapport With Your Audience  

    Communication begin with building rapport with our audience. How do you know if they are listening?

  • The Art of Storytelling  

    Storytelling is the most powerful way to convey any message. Learn how to tell a great story!

  • The Importance of Written Communications  

    Whether you are writing a report or an email - keep these principles in mind.

  • Presenting Like a Pro  

    More people fear presenting than death, that is telling in and of itself. Get a primer on how you can present your ideas with poise and influence.

  • Communication Skills Recap  

    Let's recap the key ideas in this section.

  • Complete the Grit Quiz  

    How much grit do you have? If you score 3.8 or higher, you have more grit than average.

  • Fixed Versus a Growth Mindset  

    A fixed mindset accepts what happens to us without challenge and despair. When we adopt a growth mindset, we are continuously challenging ourselves to learn from each and every experience.

  • Finding Your Passion by Setting Many Achievable Goals  

    Those with passion for what they do, demonstrate more resilience. What are you passionate about?

  • Understand the Conditions that Make You Grittier  

    These four factors, above all others, help you to enhance grit in your lives.

  • Deliberate Practice...Small Steps To Achieve Big Things  

    Deliberate practice is continuously learning from each opportunity to demonstrate competency. When exercised daily over long periods of time, miraculous results can be achieved.

  • Resilience Recap  

    Let's summarize some of the key ideas in this section.

Credible Leadership
  • Overview of Credible Leadership  

    Let's get an overview of this section.

  • Management Versus Leadership  

    What made you a great manager, will not make you a great leader. Understand the difference.

  • Leadership Effect: Why Leadership Matters  

    Leaders are integral to the success of the organization. Learn about how much of corporate performance comes from leadership.

  • Visionary Leadership  

    Leaders set vision and shine a light on the path forward. Learn about the other behaviors of great leaders in this lesson.

  • Credibility: The Lynch Pin  

    Credibility is the most crucial quality of many leaders. Learn about he four most important elements and how you can develop your own credibility.

  • Credible Leadership Recap  

    Let's review the key themes of this section.

Personal Branding
  • Overview of Personal Branding  

    Get an overview of personal branding.

  • What is Your Personal Branding Goal  

    What do you stand for? What do you want to achieve? Learn to define your brand goal and plot a course to its achievement.

  • Dress for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have  

    Your appearance matters. Get a few basic styling tips from Jen.

  • What is Your Brand?  

    How are you different? What makes you stand out against your peers? In this lesson, we look at a few ideas.

  • Communicating Your Brand  

    Knowing your own brand is one thing, but expressing it broadly is quite another. Learn how in this lesson.

  • Personal Branding Recap  

    How is your brand developed, through consistent, daily reinforcement. Let's wrap up this course talking about the key elements of your personal branding strategy.

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