Course: How to succeed in a Data Privacy & Protection Career (GDPR)

How to succeed in a Data Privacy & Protection Career (GDPR)

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About this Course

Are you interested in becoming a Data Protection Officer (DPO) under GDPR? or just a Privacy Consultant/Professional?

Are you interested in hiring a Data Protection Officer (DPO) or Privacy Professional under GDPR?

Do you want to understand what to look for and what skills are required for this type of position?

Do you want to understand the hiring errors other companies did?

Do you want to know exactly how to fulfill this role, how to start in your first day and what will be your required tasks on a legal basis?

Do you want to understand what is your responsibility and where does it end?

Do you want to understand technical assessments a DPO or Privacy Professional should do?

Then this course is for you.

We will not present only what you need to do, but in the end, we will also create some examples from real world, and let you know how these were treated by those companies.

You will have a total clear view about Data Privacy Officer or any other Privacy Professional role after passing this course and you will be able to engage in Interviews by yourself.

Privacy or Data Protection is the hottest topic today, so why not make a significant change in your career and EARN MORE MONEY?

Who is the target audience?

  • Data Privacy Professionals
  • Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy enthusiasts who want a job in the privacy area
  • Newly appointed Data Privacy Officers
Basic knowledge
  • Basic Privacy knowledge
  • Basic cybersecurity knowledge
  • Basic GDPR knowledge or my first GDPR Data Protection Compliance from scratch course
  • English language
  • Willingness to succeed
What you will learn
  • Understand tasks needed to be performed by a DPO
  • Understand the DPO role
  • Understand how to succeed in a privacy role
  • Get bonus codes for the GDPR examples explained
Number of Lectures: 65
Total Duration: 06:34:48
Introduction to the DPO role
  • Mandatory and Voluntary DPO  

    understand when DPO is needed

  • GDPR's Requirements for DPOs (skills)  

    GDPR skills

  • A brief summary of DPOs needed skills  

    DPO needed skills

  • DPO Professions  

    DPO professions

  • DPO Hiring Errors  

    DPO hiring errors

  • DPO Certification  

    DPO certification

Initiating the DPO role
  • Defining the Role - Scope  

    Defining the DPO role

  • Resource  

    DPO resources

  • Outsourcing  

    What DPO outsourcing means

  • Contracting - DPO contract considerations  

    Contracting DPO

  • First Tasks of the DPO  

    First tasks of the DPO

  • Data Protection Policy  

    Data Protection Policy

  • Data and Processing Inventory  

    Data and processing inventory

DPO Tasks - GDPR Compliance
  • Data Processing obligations  

    Data Processing obligations

  • Legal Basis for Processing  

    Legal Basis for Processing

  • Consent  


  • Legal Basis for Processing - Sensitive Data  

    Legal basis for processing sensitive data

  • Data Subject Rights  

    Data Subject rights

  • Security and Breach  

    Security and Breach

  • Other obligations  

    Other GDPR obligations

  • Other statutes - e-Privacy Directive  

    e-Privacy Directive

  • Processors under the GDPR  

    Processors under the GDPR

  • Processor - Controller Agreement  

    Processor - Controller Agreement

  • GDPR Initial Assessment  

    GDPR Initial Assessment

  • Internal Audits  

    Internal Audits

  • Certification and Codes of Conduct under GDPR  

    Certification and Codes of Conduct under GDPR

DPO Tasks - Risk and DPIAs
  • Risk  

    Understand general risk

  • ISO 27005 -general statements  

    Understand ISO 27005 general statements

  • ISO 27005_Risk Identification  

    Understand ISO 27005 risk identification

  • ISO 27005_Risk Analysis  

    Understand ISO 27005 risk analysis

  • ISO 27005_Risk Evaluation  

    Understand ISO 27005 risk evaluation

  • ISO 27005_Risk Treatment  

    Understand ISO 27005 risk treatment

  • Risk in the GDPR  

    Understand risk under GDPR

  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) - GDPR requirements  

    DPIA's from GDPR perspective and requirements

DPO Tasks - Technical Assessments
  • Technical Assessment intro  

    technical assessments

  • ISO 27001  

    ISO 27001

  • ISO controls  

    ISO controls 

  • NIST  


  • Anonymization  


  • Data Breaches  

    Data Breaches 

  • Breach Response  

    Breach Response 

  • Breach Response in the outsourced environment - CSPs  

    Breach response in the outsources environment

  • Determining Breach Severity  

    Determining Breach Severity 

DPO tasks outside the EU
  • Transferring Data Outside EU - Adequacy and Derogations  

    Transferring Data Outside EU - Adequacy and Derogations

  • Safeguards  

    SCCs and BCRs 

  • Controllers and GDPR DPOs not in the EU  

    Controllers and GDPR DPOs not in the EU

  • Americas Privacy Laws  

    Americas Privacy Laws

  • Asia/Pacific Privacy Laws  

    Asia/Pacific Privacy Laws 

  • Other laws and DPOs conclusions  

    Other laws and DPOs conclusions 

One step by step example + BONUS
  • LUL example part 1  
  • LUL part 2  
  • LUL part 3  
  • LUL part 4  
  • EEI part 1  
  • EEI part 2  
  • EEI part 3  
  • EEI part 4  
  • EEI part 5  
  • Google Chrome case study  
  • Hotel's Online Businesses  
  • A guide for SMEs  
  • How to make a website GDPR compliant  
  • Outsourcing your DPO_real life scenarios  
  • Legal response  
  • Children's Consent. Legal  
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