Course: I Will Teach You How to Get a Good First Job & Do It Again

I Will Teach You How to Get a Good First Job & Do It Again

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About this Course

Today the job search is harder than ever with hundreds of people applying for every position. On top of that Stan Hustad, a longtime broadcaster and business performance coach to business executives and entrepreneurs, will tell you that almost everything you may have learned about the job and career search is not only out-of-date, it is often flat-out wrong.

Throw away your resume! Stop Interviewing! Know that you are wearing an expensive price tag! Getting a nice suit or outfit to interview in is not what you should do! Create a story card! Get radio and television, even acting training, is vital to your job search today.

These are just some of the new and now things you will learn in this challenging course that will ask you to examine your life, clean up your internet past, and seek to be ready to be a world-class business performer and entrepreneur in the now and near future.

Executives pay Stan hundreds of dollars an hour to receive similar training, and now you can get world-class executive coaching to start your new career.

Who this course is for:

  • If you are looking for your first real job after school this is a vital class to take.
  • if you are presently out of work or unemployed, this new information and ideas will be very useful to you.
  • If you have a child or a good friend that you are trying to help in finding a good job, both of you should take this class so you can talk about the ideas together and help coach one another.
  • If you think you know everything there is to know about the job search ways and methods, you might find this course challenging to your ways of thinking ... and you might not like that!
Basic knowledge
  • Be ready to hear some new and tough truths about the world of work and how find your place in it today!
What you will learn
  • Approach your job search with increased confidence and personal power because you will know many new and important ways to "get that good job"
  • Know why it is important in todays new business economy to "throw away your resume!"
  • Know why you must learn the performing arts of radio, television, and theater in order to get the job you will love
  • Know why you need to clean up your "internet act" and the importance of image management in your job quest
  • How to stop interviewing and learn the power of auditioning in order to get the job you love
  • Know why you want to stop looking for a job and start now to create the job you want
Number of Lectures: 10
Total Duration: 01:20:50
Introduction to "The High Challenge" to inspire you to seek "the job you want!"
  • Start your job search by seeking to feel the divine pleasure in your career  

    Stan encourages you to not just be seeking a job, but to seek a career that is so matched to your gifts, your passions, even some of the deep desires of your heart. A famous line from a classic film, Chariots of Fire, gives us the theme slogan for the kind of work we want to do. 

The Seven and More New and Now Powerful Ways to Empower You First Job Search
  • First of All Clean Up Your Mess  

    Here you will be challenged to make sure that all that internet stuff and postings, and any material that is possibly damaging to your reputation is dealt with and deleted if possible. Today we all have internet and online records that can damage our job search efforts. Stan will challenge you in no uncertain terms to , "Clean up your mess."

  • Dress Up Your Image and How To do That!  

    Stan reminds us that Image may not be everything, but indeed it is often the first thing. Despite all the "myths" about our casual and often careless views about image and appearance today, Don't be fooled and foolish. Our clothes talk, our image speaks, and we need to be very careful to cultivate the image that gives us the maximum advantage in making an impact on those who will be our leaders and colleagues. 

  • Remember You Are For Sale and What that means to Your Job Search  

    This is so vital and so poorly understood today. Nobody wants to give you a job because it costs a lot of money to "buy you" and have you work for a company. Here Stan reminds you to remember that you are wearing a price tag that runs into many thousands of dollars. The smart job seeker shows that they are aware of that price tag and does all they can to show that they are worthy of the costly expense the company or prospective employer is being asked to bear when they offer you and opportunity. Be aware of the price tag you wear.

  • Throw Away Your Resume & Why You Need to Think That Way  

    Stan has a challenging point of view that will help you in your search for a good job. He says, "Throw Away Your Resume!" Now why would he say that? learn the powerful and persuasive reasons for such a statement and discover how thinking that way will help you in making the right statements and tell the right stories to get the job you seek.

  • Yes - Throw Away Your Resume and Remember,Telling Your Story is What Counts!  

    Stan introduces you to one of the most powerful principles in all marketing communication,and that is, that storytelling is the only real effective means of communication. You must become a good storyteller, and you need to consider having and using the power of a good story card rather than another boring resume. Listen to this idea and take action.

  • How to Tell your Story Because The Future Belongs to the Storyteller  

    Now Stan will give you some of the most powerful advice in your job search and career seeking. He will teach you the four to five to six elements that you must learn in order to tell your story well and be prepared to really ace your audition. Take good notes this will make a difference in how well you perform in appearnaces and opportunities you have in your job search.

  • You have To Learn the Performing and Broadcasting Arts to Get the Job today !  

    Stan reminds you, or tell your for the first time that all business is show business. He will challenge you that today every person should receive performance and radio and TV broadcast training. Not only will it help you in your job seeking but will be a vital skill in the media savvy and saturated business world today. Everybody has to be a performer today . Be a good one. 

  • Be Interesting, Be Interested, and Don't Interview, Audition!  

    Don't be boring! Be Interesting. Be interested in others. Be fully present to every person you meet. Then Stan in one of his most creative challenges asks you to not think of having an interview but to be constantly thinking about auditioning for the role, the postion and the work you are seeking to do that will sustain you.

Epilogue and A Project for You!
  • Now ... Start To Create The Best Job and How to Do That!  

    Ultimately we should all stop looking for the job we want and should set out to create the job and life we want. In this final epilogue Stan will challenge you and give you some starting points for living as an Entrepreneur where you truly feel the pleasure in the work you do.

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