Course: International Career: Introduction to the Hotel Industry

International Career: Introduction to the Hotel Industry

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About this Course

Are you looking for a career change?

Would you like to travel the world and get paid for it?

Perhaps you don’t want to be stuck at a boring desk and looking for an exciting job with plenty of growth opportunities?

Then you should be working in the HOTEL INDUSTRY!

Hey, my name is Kian and I have been working for luxury hotels and resorts around the world, including Germany, Dubai and the Maldives. In this course you will learn everything to get started- from a wide range of possible entry level jobs, plenty of job sources and both, good and bad sides that will expect you. 

Basic knowledge
  • Be open & curious about the hospitality industry
  • Set aside some time for the course
What you will learn
  • You will exactly understand what the hospitality industry is and how it works
  • You will learn about career opportunities, jobs & salaries (+ sources for your applications)
  • You will learn the ups and downs of working in the hotel industry
Number of Lectures: 19
Total Duration: 00:48:37
  • About Kian  

    About your instructor Kian.

  • What Will You Learn In This Course?  

    A brief overview of what you will learn in this course.

Characteristics of the Hotel Industry
  • The Meaning of 'Hospitality' Explained  
  • The Scope of the Hospitality Industry  
  • Products & Services  

    In this lesson we have a closer look at services and products that are offered in hotels.

  • The Importance of Communication  

    This lesson will teach you why it's crucial to be a good communicator.

  • Why Relationship Building Is Important  

    Building relationships are essential for your success and future career - in the lesson you will learn how and why it's important.

  • Cultural Diversity  

    In this lesson we talk about your working environment while focusing on both, colleagues and hotel guests.

Career Steps in the Hotel Industry
  • Career Choices & Opportunities  
  • Where To Find Jobs  
  • Benefits as Hotel Employee  

    Learn more about the fantastic perks and benefits as hotel employee!

  • Shifts & Working Hours  

    As hotels operate 24/7, 365 days a year, we will talk about your shifts and working hours in this lesson.

  • Get Ready: Fast Paced & High Pressure Work  

    Working for a hotel is different from your regular 9-5. This lesson will explain why!

  • Salaries  

    Learn more about salaries and where you can look to find out more about hotel salaries in your country/region/city.

  • Your Interview - the 10 Most Common Questions Ask  
Accommodation Types Explained
  • Hotel Types & Ownership Explained  

    In this lesson we look into the different hotel types and different ownership types.

  • Hotel Review Sites Explained  
  • Final Thoughts  
  • Thank You!  
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