Course: Leading Early Talent, Creating a Next Generation Culture

Leading Early Talent, Creating a Next Generation Culture

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About this Course

We’ve all heard the definition of culture a million times: a set of shared attitudes, values, and practices of a social group. But when applied to your organization’s goal to attract and lead early talent, this word transforms into something different: an opportunity.

The modern workforce is generationally diverse, no question about it. But how do we keep it that way? Learn how you can keep the workplace in a state that remains to be attractive to early talent. It all begins with culture. Learn how to facilitate the right attitudes, values, and practices with generations. As a result, positive change and innovation will be sought on every level.

Sounds easier said than done, right? Well, not necessarily. 

Global Workforce Innovator Laura Goodrich and CEO, Author, and Researcher Sarah Sladek have figured out the strategies of creating a culture that attracts early talent through their extensive work and research in the corporate realm. Join these two industry professionals in Leading Early Talent: Creating a Next Generation Culture as they explain how to approach and fix culture problems in your organization to attract early talent and foster innovation.

Basic knowledge
  • The perfect thing about this course is that no prior experience or knowledge is required. The only thing you will need is willing to learn
What you will learn
  • Learn how you can create a middle ground as a leader to collaborate with early talent
  • Establish a culture of respect on your team
  • Discover that learning can be a two-way street
  • Align your vision with team attributes
  • Determine who will help you embrace change
  • Learn how to determine your “I wants” for yourself and your team
Number of Lectures: 15
Total Duration: 00:26:17
Leading Early Talent, Creating a Next Generation Culture
  • Next Generation Culture - Toolkit  
  • Microlearning 1: Your Culture  

    What are the culture traits of your organization? Where do you stand and how do you improve the traits that need help?

  • Microlearning 2: Old Photo  

    What if we reward people for embracing change and put the onus on the resistors? What if we have early talent mentor the baby boomers.

  • Microlearning 3: Word Association  

    Organization with a negative culture don't realize how insular they are to early talent. Authority doesn't have to come form the top down. 

  • Microlearning 4: Everyone Has Something to Learn and Teach  

    Thought leader Don Tapscott talks about how generations can learn from each other. 

  • Microlearning 5: The 70%  

    Find out who will help you create an inviting culture of being change adaptive and who will not.

  • Microlearning 6: The Ambassadors  

    You fill out the toolkit exercise to determine who are their ambassadors that will help you create a culture of change adaptiveness. 

  • Microlearning 7: Haters Going to Hate  

    So what do you do with the “The Detractors." These people are negative, difficult, and toxic. Tough question, but we have a simple answer: Nothing.

  • Microlearning 8: The Learning Organization  

    Be curious about learning new things especially technology. This is not an area only for early talent. Have them teach you about the benefits of new technology.

  • Microlearning 9: The New Organization  

    Is your organization focused on boundaries? Are the organization's traditions, rules, and regulations attracting or repelling younger employees? Employees can be 'networked' in the workplace.

  • Microlearning 10: Mission and Vision  

    You fill out a toolkit exercise to align your practices and make sure you are creating a positive, future-focused organizational culture. You determine the target employee attributes that align with the organization’s vision and mission.

  • Microlearning 11: Organization and Individual Traits  

    You fill out a toolkit exercise to determine how effective you are with cultural traits and find out where work is needed.

  • Microlearning 12: I Want, We Want Statements  

    You create an assessment of what you need to achieve to create an inviting culture by filling in the toolkit exercise. The take away is a guide in the form of an “I want and we want statement” to guide you to an inviting organizational culture

  • Microlearning 13: Freak-out  

    Can change become something that is not feared, but desire? 

  • Microlearning 14: Close  

    Navigate to the other programs in the Leading Early Talent series

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