Learn Basic Accounting in 90 Minutes - All You Need to Know about Accounting

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Accounting is the process of Recording, Posting, and Reporting for monetary transactions in a business entity. Many people may think accounting is hard and need very good mathematics. But the accounting is an ART, It needs logic thinking. In this Basic Accounting course, you will learn the basic accounting principle: Debit and Credit, the mechanism, the core and beauty of accounting.

I will use Excel to teach you the basic Book Keeping, Profit and Loss Account, Basic Balance Sheet. This will help you to read the Complicate Financial Statements, to do Bank Account Reconciliation and control Your Cash.

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone who want to begin to learn Accounting
  • Anyone who is struggling to understand Accounting
  • Who is doing Business and want sort out the messy of your Bookkeeping
  • Who want to understand the Financial Reporting

Basic knowledge
  • Target student
  • What knowledge & tools are required?
  • Pen and Brain
  • Time - 90 Minutes or Shorter

What will you learn
  • Grasp the Basic Picture of Accounting
  • Understanding the Basic Principle of Accounting
  • Know Accounting is ART, not math
  • The Beauty of Debit and Credit
  • Can do basic Book Keeping
  • Can Prepare the Basic Profit and Loss Account
  • Can Prepare the Basic Balance Sheet (or Shit IF not Balance)
  • Can Read the Complicate Financial Statements
  • Can do Bank Account Reconciliation.
  • Can control Your Cash
  • Using Excel to Do Accounting, No Sweats to facing Accounting Software
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 10 Total Duration: 01:54:02

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