Course: Leverage the Power of Generations

Leverage the Power of Generations

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About this Course

There are now 4 generations in the workplace and our assumptions of the generations is getting in the way of our work. Are you getting along with your team members?

Leverage the Power of Generations aims to generate discussions and open-mindedness that leads to innovative solutions between all age groups. This “generation” course truly applies to every audience and organisation to understand that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach.

Through bite-sized lessons including videos (20 minutes), written material and exercises from your own toolkit, the course focuses on creating common bonds among generations and looking at our differences as assets that can create real change. It is how we choose to work together that determines our success for the future.

Who is the target audience?

  • Individuals, managers and HR professionals
Basic knowledge
  • Come with an open mind to learn
What you will learn
  • To establish that there is conflict among the generations and this is nothing new
  • Learn that our assumptions about the generations are not always correct
  • Choose to see our differences among the generations as opportunities not challenges
  • Learn to be curious, be respectful and find common ground through a common experience
  • Use tools to guide you to change your perception of the generations
  • Determine who can help you lead the change process
  • Understand that everyone has something to learn and something to teach, no matter their generation
  • Create a dynamic culture of cooperation among the generations
Number of Lectures: 15
Total Duration: 00:25:07
Leverage the Power of Generations
  • Leverage the Power of Generations - Toolkit  
  • Leverage the Power of Generations Introduction  

    Learn how to harness the power of generations. The workforce is more diverse than ever and there is a unique opportunity to leverage the power of that diversity. Learn what is needed to bring all of what is valuable, both old and new, into a successful future. Do not allow your organisation to be left behind. Join us in this exciting journey.

  • Getting to Know Today's Workforce  

    Learn about the unique set of experience, values systems, styles and expectations of the four different generations in the workforce today.

  • Generation Gap  

    Learn about the dynamic nature of change and the assumptions that are not helping. 

  • Four Way Street  

    Learn about shifting our perception to leverage the valuable roles each generation might contribute to the next project, challenge or product. 

  • Finding Common Ground  

    Learn about the power of establishing common ground. Learn how to develop this awareness and how to collaborate.

  • Teach Your Children  

    Learn about how everyone has something to learn and something to teach, in that order. Learn why that order matters. 

  • All Together Now  

    Learn how profitability, productivity, innovation quality, and employee retention and satisfaction can be improved upon by way off innovation.  

  • Listen Up People  

    Learn about the power of coaching skills to inspire and engage. The take-away from this micro-learning is awareness and the opportunity to practice the critical coaching skills of asking open ended questions and being a great listener. 

  • Spare Change  

    Learn about the inherent nature of change and how critical it is to be change adaptive now and into the future. 

  • Wheel of  

    Learn about the Leverage the Power of Generations competencies and assess your current level of effectiveness with each. 

  • I Want  

    Learn how to write “I Want” statements which are a written declaration of the outcomes that you want with each of the Leverage the Power of Generations competencies.  

  • 70 Per Cent  

    Learn the different ways people react to change, and learn who will help you and who will not.

  • Continuing Education  

    Learn how to make yourself ready to learn something new, such as a new technology or innovation.

  • Putting it All Together  

    Learn the Leveraging the Power of Generations in action. Learn the power of awareness and collaboration. Generations competencies.  

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