Course: Maximise Profitability through Exceptional Client & Account Management Skills

Maximise Profitability through Exceptional Client & Account Management Skills

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About this Course

Did you know that repeat customers, on average spend 67% more than new customers?

If you need to manage clients on an ongoing basis and have a challenge around:

  • Over-servicing
  • Coping with project change
  • Value based pricing
  • Selling on value rather than time or fixed priced projects
  • Ensure all staff are able to have value-based conversations
  • Retaining and growing clients
  • Having difficult conversations and giving challenging feedback

Then this course is a must for you!

It covers everything you need to know from the role of the account/client manager to how to put plans together, managing challenging clients and having difficult conversations. What to do about 'scope creep' and how to stop over servicing.

As well as my insight and experience, you will also get access to tools and templates to help you effectively manage clients - resulting in longer term relationships and growing revenues.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Confidently manage clients in all situations 
  • Better understand your customers to ensure a great relationship
  • Manage changes to requirements without the need to over service
  • Learn how to politely but firmly push back on clients and say NO when necessary
  • Understand the importance of time recording, capacity management and project management tools
  • Present yourself in front of your peers and clients with confidence
  • Learn Active Listening skills

I developed this course because of demand from my clients and public courses I deliver. I wanted to be able to share my 25+ year's of experience with a wider audience at a cost effective price.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who has clients that they need to manage effectively
  • Anyone who wants tip, tricks and tools to help improve their client handling
Basic knowledge
  • Desire to improve their client management skills
What you will learn
  • Confidently manage clients in all situations
  • Better understand your customers to ensure a great relationship
  • Stop over servicing
  • Learn how to say no to a client
  • Handle project change
  • Give difficult feedback
  • Learn the best tools and techniques for time management and capacity planning
  • Create project plans
  • Present with confidence
Number of Lectures: 28
Total Duration: 01:43:30
  • Course Introduction  

    Introduction to this account management course covering the A to Z of everything you need to know about client management.

The role of a client/account manager
  • What is the role of a client or account manager?  

    What is the role of a client manager?  Learn why it's much more than just making the client happy!

  • The key to great client management and customer service  

    If we understand exactly who our customers are then we will have an effective relationship with them. This lesson introduces the concepts of a customer persona.

  • Understanding your customers  

    How do you define your customer persona?  This lesson outlines the approach to working out who they should be and how to define them.

  • Step by step guide to creating your customer personas  

    A step by step guide to creating your customer types or personas including a downloadable workbook

  • How to use your customer personas  

    Now you have defined your customer personas, how do you use them in your day to day business?

  • Creating accountability with clients  

    Creating accountability means not only being accountable to your client but also the client to you - to ensure you have a partnership relationship rather than a 'supplier/customer' relationship

Managing client expectations and delivery levels
  • How to stop over servicing  

    Over servicing is a massive issue for many companies, especially for service based businesses.  So how do you handle this and how can you push back on the client?

  • The difference between a 'standard' service and an 'extra'  

    How can you ensure your client understands what the difference between a 'standard' service and something you do as an 'extra' - which should generate loyalty for you from the client?

  • How your customer evaluates your service levels  

    How does your customer evaluate the service levels you offer? This lecture gets you to stand in the customer's shoes.

  • How to say NO to a client  

    A strong client manager is able to push back and say 'no' to a customer when appropriate. How can you do this without fear of losing the client?

  • Dealing with project change and cost  

    Projects will always change. You can't know at the start what might happen so how do you manage project change? This lecture explores best ways to manage expectations and deal with change in a professional way.

  • Selling on value not time  

    When we sell TIME we commoditise what we do and this leads to discounting. So how do you identify the VALUE of what you deliver your customers and be sure that is what you are selling?

Handling difficult situations
  • Empathy v sympathy  

    What is the difference between sympathy and empathy?  Why is it important that we empathise with our clients but don't offer sympathy?

  • 8 steps to dealing with difficult customers  

    8 practical steps on how to deal with challenging clients

  • Giving difficult feedback  

    Sometimes we need to give unwelcome news to our clients, so how do you prepare for this challenging conversation and deliver it with confidence?

Systems and tools to support client management
  • The importance of time recording and capacity planning  

    Why do we need to use time recording tools and capacity management systems?

  • Tools to aid communications with clients  

    What tools are on the market to aid with planning, profitability and communications? In this lesson we look at 3 types of tool that you can use:

    1. Time recording
    2. Project planning (to manage capacity)
    3. Collaborative working tools

  • Getting referrals and testimonials  

    How do you ask your customers for testimonials and referrals and when is the best time to do so?

  • Seeing the bigger picture - operating in context  

    How can you and your team make decisions with confidence and clarity?  This lecture explores the concepts of CONTENT and CONTEXT.

  • Running effective meetings with clients  

    How do you run an engaged focused meeting that delivers tangible outcomes and starts & ends on time?

  • Creating project plans  

    Creating clear project plans enable you capture your client's strategy as well as ensure you deliver on time

  • Growing existing client accounts - Account Development Planning  

    We all know it's cheaper to retain clients than constantly look for new ones, so what tips and approaches can you use to ensure you keep clients for the long term?

Presenting yourself as a peer
  • The secrets to presenting with confidence  

    A significant part of being a great account / client manager is to be able to stand in front of a customer(s) and present with confidence and clarity. This lecture gives you some great tools and techniques to not only prepare well but deliver your messages in a succinct clear way.

  • Improving understanding with clients  

    Great customer relationships are based on great empathy with you client. This lecture introduces the concepts of 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.

  • Being heard  
  • Active Listening  

    Being a great listener is a vital skill to fully engage with clients (and a great life skill). In this lecture, we explore what it means to be a great 'active listener' and outline tools and tips to achieving this.

Course Wrap-up
  • Congratulations you are now equipped to effectively manage your clients!  

    Congratulations!  You made it to the end of the course. Here is a summary of what we covered.

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