Course: Quit Your Soul-Sucking Job & Start Over - Start to Live Now

Quit Your Soul-Sucking Job & Start Over - Start to Live Now

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About this Course

This course is for men and women who are serious about stopping being a victim of a bad job situation. They want to change, but they are a bit fearful and they don't know how to even start planning a get out or an exit strategy..

Now this course will get you started. I will teach you first how to start making your mind move in ways that help you gain the courage and confidence to make a move. I will teach you simple steps about how to act, dress, and perform that will begin to help you create a sense of mystery, and start to motivate you, and attract helpers so that you can move to another situation.

Most importantly I will help you develop your story, and a powerful story card that will be your script and stage billing for seeking a new role, position, and career in your life and business.

Stop being a victim of a soul-sucking job.

Stan Hustad

 Who this course is for:

  • If you don't like your job or you love someone who hates their job, take this course and and perhaps take it with the friend and learn and encourage one another together
Basic knowledge
  • Think about their lives and why they might be so unhappy and what would they like to change!
What you will learn
  • To know that there is hope to get out of a bad job situation
  • They will have specific action steps that will get them moving in away to put an end to a bd career situation and start to make their move to a better future
  • They will have a powerful story and story card to promote themselves in a future job search.
  • They will be fully ready to take the steps to get away from the terrible soul-sucking job
Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 00:51:59
Here is the Deal & This is How You Can Find your Way to quit That Terrible Job
  • Intro to Stan Hustad & what the course is about, and you need to know "Why"  

    When you are in a hard situation it is often difficult to know just what is going on as your emotions get mixed up with the realities. Here I ask you to take some time to settle in for the solution to come, and begin by asking just why this is such a terrible job that you are in.

Now We Take Charge and Start to Work the Program to be Able to Quit that Job
  • You are in a tough job situation but are also caught in a mind game. Let's win!  

    Here I describe some of the things that are messing with your mind and beating on our brain, and seek to help you take control of the mental game so you can make your move to happiness and success.

  • We got to get out so let's set a get out time  

    All good and wonderful goas  can use a dateline / deadline and without beating yourself up if you don't reach it, i challenge you to set a scene out in the future when you can move on in your life and career.

  • Now start to "set the stage" for your change in life and career and make it fun  

    You will enjoy this because I ask you and coach you on how to survive the bad stuff and begin to mess with the minds of those who might be making you miserable. For your changeover you need to really put on a new game face and power your performance as you get set to take off and get outof there.

  • The one with the best story wins and now let's tell your story  
  • Get good friends to help you!  

    The title describes the show. Quitting a soul-sucking job is scary, hard, and tough and you need all the help and friendship you can. Here I give you some simple tips on being a friend and finding the friends to help you change your life.

  • You must build a powerful online presence so that you can go and be rready  

    In today's world people will check you out online, no doubt about it. What do they see? Let's get ready to make sure that wha they see is what you want them to see and better demonstrate how good you are.

  • Are you useful to others? Are you valuable to others? You better be!  
Okay - let's Bring It Home With some Final thoughts about Courage and Spirit
  • May I give you a final challenge and best wishes ... and be ready to help you!  
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