Course: Resume-To-Go: Proven Structure Models to Upscale a Resume!

Resume-To-Go: Proven Structure Models to Upscale a Resume!

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About this Course

Are you in a hurry? Do you need to submit a resume in the next few days? Do you want immediate responses that get the interviews and jobs you desire? Whether you have no job experience or you're a college/ high school student or you're the average job seeker, Resume-To-Go SAVES YOU TIME and uncovers document models and structures to have your resume STANDOUT from other candidates and get you the responses you want.

Having had experience in the higher education industry and employment industry as a hiring specialist, I have worked with hundreds upon hundreds of job seeking resumes and have discovered a fast and response-driven process into getting employers to react to my resume model.

Here is what you will get out of this course:

  • An overview of the different types of resumes available for job seeking
  • An inside look on what employers are seeking from job candidates
  • A Combination and Skills-Based Resume
  • A Soft Skill/ Hard Skill Cheat Sheet
  • A Bullet Point System that includes EXAMPLES
  • Inside tips to expand your resume beyond the course

Resume-To-Go is user friendly and explains everything with step-by-step instructions for the student to follow along with their own computer or laptop. With tutorials that are under 10 minutes and a subtitle addition to view further, everything is provided to have the OPTIMAL resume building experience.


YOU WANT RESPONSES! YOU WANT TO SAVE TIME! With a 20-day back guarantee, there is absolutely no risk in you obtaining a results-driven resume. The decision is up to you. If you are stuck in any area of the program, you will have access to contact me for questions and support. I am at your services! 

Can't wait to see you in class! :) 

Yours Truly,

Dylan Moncus

Basic knowledge
  • Microsoft Word Accessibility
  • Computer/ Laptop Accessibility

What you will learn
  • A resume that gets employers to respond to YOU alone!
  • A document that uniquely sets itself apart from other candidate resmes
  • How to build a resume structure that is SIMPLE and receives attention!
  • How to write effective and quality driven bullet points that identify your key strengths and talents!
  • Tips on expanding your resume beyond the program description!
  • A step-by-step process to review your resume before submission!

Number of Lectures: 15
Total Duration: 01:19:16
Writing the Resume
  • Introduction - How to Use this Course  

    This video will discuss the overall content and objectives students will be attaining throughout the course as well as how to best navigate the lectures provided in the program.  

  • What is a Resume and What Purpose Does it Serve in Today's World?  

    Students will be able to identify the fundamental principles of what is a resume is and what a resume is not. Introducing this concept early on will establish a better understanding of how to target your resume during the job search process. 

  • Different Types of Resumes  

    The Skills Based, the Chronological Based, and Combination resumes are examined one by one to teach the class of traditional resume formats to best fit their document down the road. 

  • Resumes - Resource Download  
  • What are Employers Looking for in Job Candidates and Resumes?  

    Students should be able to pin-point exact skills that employers are looking for in job candidates in addition to what hiring managers want to review in candidate resumes. 

  • Chronlogical Resume - Resource  
  • Creating a Combination Resume Format  

    In this lecture, students are encouraged to open Microsoft Word and follow along with each step in creating a combination resume format. A soft skill and hard skill cheat sheet is provided to add essential content for the drafting process.  

  • Combination Resume - Resource  
  • How to Write an Effective Bullet Point  

    The General Formalities for Bullet Points and the Bullet Point System are taught to provide strong and concrete bullet points for students to utilize. Examples are also included.

  • Bullet Point Examples with Combination Resume  

    Students will be able to finish their resume from Video 6 with Microsoft Word open and add bullet points to their drafted document with several examples to follow from. 

  • How to Write a Resume with No Experience  

    Here, the Skills-Based resume is explored with the scenario being a resume with no experience. If you are in high school or college and have only been in school your entire life, this lecture addresses exactly that circumstance and how to showcase your skills already possessed on a resume.  

  • Skills Based Resume - Resource  
  • Bullet Point Examples with Skills Based Resume  

    Following from the previous lecture, students will finish their Skills Based resume on Microsoft Word with several bullet point examples to follow from. A soft skills and hard skills cheat sheet is provided in this video for additional support.  

  • Alternative Formatting Techniques  

    With having both a Skills Based or Combination resume by now, students will learn how to update their resume and add further techniques or formatting additions to really sell their document to employers.  

  • Resume Checklist and Conclusion  

    A 4-step resume checklist is explained before submitting the finalized document to a job listing. Also, a general consensus of what the student has learned throughout the lectures concludes this course. 

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