Course: Resume Writing - Your Ultimate Step-by-Step Resume Guide

Resume Writing - Your Ultimate Step-by-Step Resume Guide

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About this Course

"Nice eye opener. Very well laid out, she is funny, but gets to the point. She helps you adjust your resume while you watch the videos. Super helpful, so that by the end of the course you have a super improved resume that will be noticed! Katie hits the spot. Thank you!" -Berry

Writing your Future:

Your Resume is a powerful career marketing tool; thus, your resume should be a persuasive marketing piece and not a dull career biography.

Don't let your resume go unnoticed: take charge, and follow this course to learn how to get your foot in the door and market your greatest commodity: yourself. 

I have heard many say, "I have applied for several jobs, but I don't have any interviews lined up." It all begins with your cover letter and resume. While I do not always get the job, I have always gotten the interview, even over those more skilled than I. Why? Because resume writing is an art, and I have learned that art.

Learn from a Professional:

I developed this course because I know the job hunt can be a real struggle, so I wanted to ease some of the burden by walking you through how to create an amazing resume. As a former English teacher, I specialized in teaching the art of writing. And now, I work as an editor, content writer, professional resume writer, and tutor. 

I have helped numerous people write effective resumes, and I am excited to help you, which is why I worked hard to complete this course despite being very pregnant during the filming. I encourage you to ask questions and be an active learner. I am here for you and happy to provide you individualized feedback!

Overview of the Course Contents--What you will Learn:

In 28 short lectures, you will learn how to revise, write, design, and format your resume in the best way possible to sell yourself. Selling yourself is what you need to do daily: you sell yourself to your date, your boss, your child, your prospective employee, your friend, and even to yourself!

  • General Knowledge: words to avoid, how to show not tell your skills, and how to write with flair
  • Content: what to include and what not to include, how to sell your unique skills, and how to write each section
  • Design and Layout: general guidelines, use of formatting, and samples
  • Bonus Section: watch me transform a resume from start to finish and learn how I can help you further

The other resume courses give good resume tips, but they also focus on other aspects of the job hunt; this course is focused SOLELY on resume writing, so it is a complete comprehensive guide, giving you more in-depth guidance on the art of resume writing.

After taking this course, you will be able to build a professional resume that will help you stand out from the crowd, getting your foot in the door and landing interviews. 

An investment in your career is an investment in yourself. Don’t procrastinate. There is no time like the present to take charge of your career. Take this course and start your job hunt in the most effective way.

Additional Services I Provide:

And remember that once you purchased the course, you will have lifetime access to the course. Enroll now and start creating the future you want.

As an experienced educator, I know that everyone can benefit from individualized learning. So with all my courses, I provide practice throughout the course where you can opt to receive individualized feedback from me.

See you inside the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Recent or soon-to-be college graduates just entering the work force
  • Professionals looking to switch to a new career field
  • Career center employees or anyone who helps others write resumes
  • People looking to become professional resume writers
Basic knowledge
  • Access to a word processor to edit or write your resume
  • A resume already written ready to be transformed (my recommendation)
  • OR ready to write a resume from scratch (this works too)
What you will learn
  • Transform your current resume to a stunning, marketable resume
  • Develop a cutting-edge resume that helps you stand out from the crowd
  • Market yourself as a valuable employee
  • Show your specific, marketable skills and traits through writing
  • Determine which experiences and sections to include
  • Teach others how to write an effective resume with examples
  • Receive convenient and expert support and feedback for your resume 
Number of Lectures: 30
Total Duration: 01:56:41
Course Introduction
  • Intro and Tips to the Course  

    Here I simply set the stage for the course by giving you tips on how to maximize your learning. 

General Tips
  • Introduction to General Tips  

    The general tips section is exactly that--GENERAL tips. This section will simply give you a guideline and some food for thought. There are some exercises to help you practice some of the concepts; however, you will be applying these concepts to your actual resume in the content section. For now, in this section, you will just practice these writing tips, so when it comes time to apply them on your actual resume, you will be ready. 

  • Words to Avoid  

    This tip lists words that should not appear on a resume and reasons why. It is so important that you learn to sell yourself and avoid the words that make you sound just like everyone else. 

  • Writing Tip: Show Don't tell  

    This tip gets down to the heart of the matter: showing your skills rather than telling your skills. This is the best thing you can do to help you shine. Since this is such an important principle, it will be further illustrated in the description of accomplishments lecture of the content section. 

    In this lecture, you will have the opportunity to practice this concept, so when it comes time to implement it into your own resume in the experience section, you will feel more comfortable doing so. 

    This is a very important tip to set the stage for a great experience section. 

  • Writing Tip: Get with the Action  

    In this tip, you will learn how to write in active voice and how to start with powerful action verbs.

  • Final Writing Tip  
  • Resume Length  
Content: Heading and Top Spot
  • Content Introduction  

    This lecture introduces the content section.

    This content is the MEAT of your resume! In the next three sections (lecture 8-22), you will apply my tips to your resume and revise your content.

  • Heading  

    This explains what should go in the heading at the very top of your resume. It is pretty standard. 

  • Top Spot: Objective Versus Career Summary  

    You want to highlight yourself well right at the top, so in this lecture, you will learn whether to use an objective or career summary to highlight yourself and how to write them well. Since this goes right at the top, you want to make sure to start off with the best content. 

    Most people WASTE this space, so be sure to learn how to utilize the top of your resume to really MARKET yourself. 

  • Top Spot: Objective Function and Writing TIps  

    This slideshow gives you some tips for writing an objective if you choose to have one. 

  • Top Spot: Career Summary Function and Writing TIps  

    This slideshow explains the function of a career summary and some questions to think about while you write it.

Content: Experience and Education Section
  • Experience: Introduction and Selecting Experiences to Include  

    In this lecture, you will learn how to select which experiences to include in your resume and whether you need to separate your experiences into categories. 

  • Experience: Headings and Summary  

    Before you begin listing your job accomplishments, you will need a heading for each job entry, and you may need a job summary. In this lecture, you will learn how to create the heading and the job summary. 

  • Experience: Description of Accomplishments  

    This is the most important lecture as this is the part where you really sell yourself. It is so important that you show your job accomplishments rather than just describe your duties. In this lecture, you will learn how to write this section well to help your resume stand out!

  • Experience: Food for thought  
  • Education Section  

    In this lecture, you will learn how to expound on your education section to include more than just your degree and university name. You can use the education section to further highlight your skills. 

Content: Optional Sections
  • Optional Section: Activities/Awards/Leadership/Honors  

    You may want to include this optional/bonus section, and if so, see what I included in my activities section to give you an idea of what you can put in yours. 

  • Activities/Awards Clarification  

    This lecture clarifies why I mentioned volunteer work and membership in clubs in BOTH the experience section and the activities section. This document guides you on how to choose where best to place your volunteer work and club memberships.  

  • Optional Section: Skills  

    Another optional section to help you shine further is the skills section. In this lecture, you will learn how to avoid a common mistake many make with this section. 

  • Skills Clarification  

    In this lecture, I clarify the difference between the marketable skills that go into your experience section and the type of skills you can put in your skills section. 

  • Optional Section: Certification/License  

    If you have several important certificates or licenses, you may need this section. 

Design and Layout
  • Introduction to Design  

    In this section, I go over design and layout tips, using the acronym GET A JOB!  

    • Graphics
    • Element Layout
    • Typography
    • Appropriate White Space
    • Just flip it
    • Organize
    • Bullets
  • Main Design: Graphics and Element Layout  

    In this slideshow presentation, I show examples of how to lay out the elements for easy reading and how to use simple graphics to enhance your resume.

  • Designer's Tools: Typography and Appropriate White Space  

    In this slideshow presentation, I show you how to ensure appropriate use of white space and how to select the best fonts. 

  • Final Tips: Just flip it, Organize, and Bullets  

    This slideshow contains just a few more quick tips on designing and formatting your resume. 

  • Artsy Resumes  

    A guide for more "modern, artsy" resumes. Just remember these are only recommended in certain industries. 

Bonus: Special Offers to Help Your Resume Shine Shin
  • Special Offers: how I can further help you  
Bonus: Watch me Transform a Resume Step-by-Step
  • Transforming a resume steps 1-4  

    For those of you who need to see an example of all that I have asked you to do in the lectures, you can either watch me transform a resume, completing all the steps and tips I gave you, or you can just check out the supplement material and read how I transformed this resume. 

  • Continuing transforming a resume steps 5-12  

    For those of you who need to see an example of all that I have asked you to do in the lectures, you can either watch me transform a resume, completing all the steps and tips I gave you, or you can just check out the supplement material and read how I transformed this resume. 

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