Standardization And ISO 9001: Everything You Need To Know

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This course is designed to help professionals at beginner level in standardization knowledge. Those who are confused with various standards and believes in the common myths and misconceptions related to the ISO standards.

The course helps you understand:

  • Common misconceptions about standards and ISO
  • What is a standard?
  • What are the types of standard?
  • What is a voluntary standard?
  • What is a regulatory standard?
  • What is a Defacto standard?
  • What is a conformity assessment body (certification body)?
  • What is an accreditation body?
  • Examples of Conformity Assessment bodies
  • Examples of Accreditation bodies
  • Does ISO certifies or publishes standards?
  • What is the structure of ISO?
  • How is a standard published through different phases in ISO

The course comes with various infographics so it will be easier to understand the complex standardization process and the role of various bodies in it. The red marker is used to direct the discussion on the presentation to help our students.

Note: Please note that ISO 9001 standard copy is provided with this course nor any other standard, since all standards of ISO are copyright. Moreover if you want to have any specific standard. Please purchase it from ISO store.

Who this course is for:

  • Every individual who works or opts to work in corporate world
  • Every professional who wants to talk professionally about the standards
  • Every corporate personal who do not want to propagate the myths and misconceptions about ISO standards
  • Trainees at beginner level who want to know ISO standards
  • Not for Lead auditors and internal auditors of ISO management system standard

Basic knowledge
  • Be able to understand English
  • Good internet connection

What will you learn
  • Types of Standards
  • Basics of standardization
  • Conformity and Certification Process
  • ISO Organization
  • Development process of a standard 
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