Course: Success During Rapid Change: Survive and Thrive

Success During Rapid Change: Survive and Thrive

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About this Course

When you have completed this course; you will understand the direction of change in the world (and especially in work life) better and be able to make better decisions. Industry 4.0 revolution is here, and only those who understand the change will survive. 

The past model of the world, in which change happened in abrupt periods is no longer useless. Now, change is relentless and unstoppable. The only way to thrive in this new model of the world is to make peace with change. 

That is possible through:

  • Finding a strong "why" as a foundation to the change
  • Understanding the direction and implications of rapid technological change and 
  • Internalizing the ancient yet modern principles of mastery

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who needs the tactics and principles to deal with rapid technological change
Basic knowledge
  • You should have a general understanding of how society, economy and technology work together
What you will learn
  • Make better decisions about their education & careers & personal lives
Number of Lectures: 12
Total Duration: 01:08:52
  • Welcome  
  • Introduction  
Change is Hard, Find a Strong Why
  • Finding the Why & Childhood Dreams  
  • Observations  
  • Industrial Revolution as a Model for Upcoming Change  
Making Peace with Change
  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of The World (Part 1)  
  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of The World (Part 2)  
  • Mastery and Rockets!  
  • Individual Change VS. Social Change  
  • Ancient Wisdom of Akhism  
  • Techniques and Tactics of Dealing & Making Peace with Change  
Final Message & Recommended Materials
  • Final Message  
Reviews (2)
3 months before
Hey Ozan! Thank you for such an insightful course! You touched on some great topics. Your plan of action is very refreshing, genuine, and transparent. I wish you much success as you move forward along your journey! - Olusanya
1 month before
Excellent about the course.