Course: Successful career management in the corporate world

Successful career management in the corporate world

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About this Course

Accelerate your corporate career: the mindset of a corporate winner!

This course is your ultimate toolkit for accelerating your career progression at work. It will provide you with guidelines, principles and concrete tools that are based on direct insights from how the corporate world operates in blue chip companies.

By the end of this training, you will have developed or enriched your personal development plan and you will have developed an inspiring career plan.

You will also be equipped with the best tips and techniques on how to engage with leadership and with your managers.

Finally, you will be able to prepare for your next promotion application, building up strong sponsorship and getting ready not just for the next level, but the ones beyond!

Course Structure :

  • The mindset for success
  • How promotions work in corporate
  • Your personal development plan
  • Building your career plan
  • Working with your managers
  • Sitting down with senior stakeholders
  • When to apply for a promotion

Who this course is for:

  • anyone who is seeking to accelerate their career path
  • anyone preparing for a promotion in the next 12 months
  • anyone who currently works or is planning to work in a corporate environment
  • anyone who wants to grow personally and learn new skills
Basic knowledge
  • it would be preferable to know what type of career you want
  • be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and try new things
What you will learn
  • develop a solid Personal Development Plan
  • build their career plan
  • prepare for meetings with senior executives
  • understand how the promotions work in corporate
  • plan and prepare for their next promotion
  • increase their visibility at work
  • be better recognised at work
Number of Lectures: 10
Total Duration: 00:56:49
  • Introduction  

    Remember: re-visit the lessons and implement what you learn. This will make you multiply years of experience in months!

Preparing yourself
  • The mindset for success  

    Remember: YOU are in charge of your career development and it is fully up to you to make it work the way you want!

    What more can you do to add value? How can you go beyond your job description and role accountabilities?

    What other types of projects or activities could you take part in or initiative yourself?

  • How promotions work in corporate  

    Remember: YOU are in charge of your career development and it is fully up to you to make it work the way you want!

    How can you start already doing the job you want to get promoted to right now?

    What actions are you taking to increase your visibility at the office?

    How can you bring a piece of your authentic self at work?

Taking action
  • Create your Personal Development Plan  

    Remember: check with your HR department and with you manager to understand what are the existing processes and tools at your company.

    You learn 70% by doing, 20% through others and 10% through theory.

    Build your personal development plan accordingly!

  • Build your career plan  

    Remember: your career plan is composed of 3 sections:

    1. your Strengths
    2. your Motivators
    3. your career path

    Get more insights on your personal strengths through the Strengthsfinder survey.

    Create a career plan that is appealing to you and that looks great!

Manage your network
  • Working with your managers  

    Remember: build solid and trusted partnerships not just with your direct manager, but with all managers.

    The key question is: "how can you make them shine?"

  • Sitting down with senior stakeholders  


    1. prepare for the session
    2. consult your manager
    3. find out the best way to reach them
    4. get them to talk more than you
    5. finish earlier than planned
Integrate and implement
  • When to apply for a promotion  


    • consult your manager
    • consult the hiring manager
    • consult HR
    • get sponsorship before applying

    And go for it!

  • Conclusion  

    Remember: YOU ARE IN CONTROL !

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