Course: What makes a team effective at Google?

What makes a team effective at Google?

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About this Course

This course is for HR specialists, middle& top managers, team leaders, anyone who is interested in personal and team productivity, anyone who is interested in personal& career development.

Learn more about Project Aristotle, its researchers and findings.

Discover the secrets of effective teams at Google.

Create a better understanding which academic studies Google researchers based on.

Gain a deeper insight into psychological safety and other behaviors that seem important in a successful team.

Boost your inspiration by learning about Google people.

This course containing 11 lectures will walk you through the development of the Project Aristotle.

  • You will have an idea how researchers scrutinized hundreds of Google teams to find out what makes a team effective
  • You will learn about five key dynamics of effective teams
  • You will understand how to make psychological safety easy
  • You will walk away from the course being more confident how to boost personal transformation and team productivity

Basic knowledge

Be able to learn about research. Be flexible and open-minded

What you will learn
  • You will explore the development of Google's Project Aristotle
  • You will discover the secrets of effective teams at Google
  • You will learn about five key dynamics of effective teams that researches identified
  • You will gain a deeper insight how to make a team effective showing empathy& sensitivity to each other
Number of Lectures: 11
Total Duration: 00:31:12
  • Intro  
  • Julia Rozovsky  
Project Aristotle
  • How it all started  
  • Group norms  
  • Which group would you rather join?  
  • Is there collective IQ that emerges within a team?  
  • Psychological safety  
  • There were other behaviours that seemed important  
How to make psychological safety easy?
  • Matt Sakaguchi and his team  
  • Empathy & sensitivity through emotional conversations  
  • I want you to be heard!  
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