Course: Winner Mind Set for Interview- Job Interview Preparation With 30 Resume Template

Winner Mind Set for Interview- Job Interview Preparation With 30 Resume Template

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About this Course


If you want to learn interview skills in easy way then this course is only for you. This course we called “Winner Mind-set for interview”. There is a reason behind this title.

If you think like a winner then you prepare like winner and perform like winner.

Get your dream Job, learn interview skills, showcase yourself and sale yourself.

You can easily get your dream job, if you have “Winner Mind set for interview”.

Good job will give you good money and better life style

Caption(Subtitles in English) is also available for this course .

During this course you will get 30 Professional resume templates with cover letters

Basic knowledge

After completing this course you will learn below topics.

  • Interview Process
  • How to create “Impressive resume”?
  • How to reduce “Fear Anxiety and nervousness” of interview?
  • How to use “Power of visualization” for interview?
  • Learn “Mock, Mirror, Voice recording and Video recording” interview practice
  • How to use “Body Language” during interview?
  • How to prepare “Introduce yourself” or “Tell me about your self”?
  • Importance of “Job description
  • How to prepare “Phone and Skype interview”?
  • Why “Company research” is important before the interview?
  • Never use these words during interview – One negative word can change interviewer perception
  • Things not to do during interview – Behavior skills
  • Challenging question – How to use STAR for interview answers
  • How to stay motivated – If you truly want something then why would you struggle with motivation
What you will learn
  • Winner mind set for interview
  • Interview preparation Tips and Tricks
  • Impressive resume preparation
  • Interview Stages (Before, During, After)
  • Job interview Tips and Tricks
  • How to stay motivated?
Number of Lectures: 16
Total Duration: 01:14:40
Interview Process
  • Interview process  

    In this topic you will learn

    1. What is job?
    2. What is the full form of Job?
    3. Why interview is uncomfortable process?
    4. Who is job hopper?
    5. Interview 4 stages (1. Self introduction, 2. Q& A 3. Your questions 4. Closing and follow up)

Impressive resume
  • Impressive resume  

    In this topic you will learn

    1. What is impressive resume?
    2. Why resume reject?
    3. What is resume?
    4. 9 points of resume writing
    5. You can download 35 professional resume templates
More then 30 professional resume templates for your references
  • Professional resume templates  

    Download professional resume templates for your reference.

Fear, Anxiety and Nervousness
  • Fear, Anxiety and Nervousness of interview  

    Fear, Anxiety and nervousness is emotional state. In terms interview, Anxiety and Nervousness looks similar to fear.

    Fear bring you back, not allow to take action.

    People really deserve more in their life. But due to fear they can't get it.

    Therefore, work on your fear. Identify your fear and start work it. Day by Day you feel improvement.

  • Visualization technic for interview  

    Visualization is very powerful tool. Use your visualization and imagination Technic for interview and get your dream job.

Interview practice (Mock and Mirror interview practice)
  • Interview practice  

    Practice make a men perfect. You can do interview practice in 4 Way.

    1. Mock interview practice. Simulator of interview process.

    2. Mirror interview practice. During mirror interview practice during that time.

    You are doing 4 activities simultaneously.

        1. You are talking

        2. You are listening

        3. You are watching yourself

        4. You are judging yourself.

    3. Voice recording- Record your voice and improve yourself.

    4. Video recording – Record your video and check yourself.

Body Language
  • Body Language  

    Body Language is very important therefore work on your body language. Body language is your nonverbal communication.

    Study shows 55% your body language is playing role,

    38% your voice of tone and 7% your words.

Introduce yourself or tell me about yourself
  • Self introduction  

    Remember “Well begun is half done”.

    Introduce yourself : First question of any interview and good part of this question, we know interview going to ask this question. So, we have to prepare this question very carefully.

    If you want to win any interview then prepare your self introduction very well. Because “First impression is last impression”

Job description
  • Importance of job description  

    Job description provide enough detail to candidate. It they are suitable for that position or not.

    Job description provide employer expectation

    Job description document support recruiter team during selection process.

    Job description also setup legal binding,

    Job description help to set goals and target for the employee.

    Job description also help for formatting interview questions.

Phone and Skype interview
  • Phone and Skype interview  

    Phone is Skype interview is very popular now in these day. Both interview method save time and money and very fast. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself for phone and Skype interview.

Company Research
  • Importance of Company Research  

    Before interview we have to do company research.

    #1. It makes your good impression if you know the company

    #2. You can check your skills and knowledge. Really, it will help to the company and you.

    #3. It will help during the interview preparation because you know about the company main products and their work culture. 

    #4. It matters for your future because you are going to expend few years with the company.

    #5 You can find answer to this question “Why do you want to work for us?”

Never use these words during interview
  • Never use these words during interview  

    Interview should be professional talk.

    Two or more strangers are talking for positive results. Therefore, be careful while using some words during the interview. One negative word can change interviewer perception.

Things not to do during interview
  • Things not to do during interview - Behavior skills  

    Behavior skills

Challenging Questions
  • Interview Challenging Questions  

    Every interview has challenging questions. When you are prepared for questions then you will feel confident and comfortable.

    Try to follow STAR form while preparation the answers.

    Here STAR full form is.

    S stand for "Situation"

    T stand for "Task"

    A stand for "Action"

    stand for "Results"

How to stay motivated?
  • How to stay motivated part1  

    Learn motivation Technics

  • How to stay motivated part2  
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