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About this Course

“A solution is a mixture in which substances are intermixed so intimately that they can not be observed as separate components”. The dispersed phase or the substance which is to be dissolved is called solute, while the dispersion medium in which the solute is dispersed to get a homogenous mixture is called the solvent.

Basic knowledge
  • The student should have a basic idea of liquids
What you will learn

The Student will learn:

  • Solubility
  • saturated solution 
  • unsaturated solution
  • supersaturated solution
Number of Lectures: 18
Total Duration: 03:14:44
  • Introduction of Solutions  

    Introduction of Solutions

  • Types of Solutions  

    Types of Solutions

  • Molality and formality  

    Concentration representation : Molality and formality

  • Normality and Molarity  

    Concentration representation - Normality and Molarity 

  • Colligative Properties  

    Colligative Properties 

  • Relative lowering of Vapour Pressure  

     Relative lowering of Vapour Pressure 

  • Elevation in Boiling Point  

    Elevation in Boiling Point 

  • Depression in freezing point  

    Depression in freezing point 

  • Osmotic Pressure  

    Osmotic Pressure 

  • Ideal Solutions  

    Ideal Solutions 

  • Non-ideal Solutions  

    Non-ideal Solutions

  • Vant Hoff's factor  

    Vant Hoff's factor

  • Abnormal Molar Masses  

    Abnormal Molar Masses

  • Numerical - Molarity and Normality  

     Numerical - Molarity and Normality

  • Numerical - Molality and Mole fraction  

    Numerical - Molality and Mole fraction 

  • Numerical on Boiling Point and Freezing Point  

    Numerical on Boiling Point and Freezing Point

  • Numerical on Vapour Pressure and Osmotic Pressure  

    Numerical on Vapour Pressure and Osmotic Pressure

  • Numerical based on Henry’s law  

     Numerical based on Henry’s law

  • Achievement  

    Achievement - Quiz on Solutions

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