Course: How To Release Fear And Other Blocks To Your Success

How To Release Fear And Other Blocks To Your Success

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About this Course

This is an experiential course where you will release the emotion of fear. Fear blocks us from moving forward and succeeding in life. It is sometimes cloaked as hesitation and self doubt. This is especially true when you receive inspiration about a great idea. You are all excited about it, then moments later you hesitate, then begin to doubt whether you can achieve. You may even spiral downwards into thinking it's a stupid idea. None of that is true. The only reason you thought of it, is because you can do it. Fear is what snatches that inspiration away.

Once identified and attended to, fear and other negative emotions lose their power and dissipate and you are free to move forward. We all have dreams of becoming. We have a dreaming faculty. If dreams weren't achievable, that creative, dreaming faculty wouldn't even exist. This course puts you on the path to use it again.

This course will help you identify fear and you will learn simple techniques to release it on the spot. I work with Executive Level Spirit Mentors of the highest authority levels of love and light that, with your permission will cleanse any shadow energies, malevolent energies associated with the fear you chose to release from your electro-magnetic field which is also known as your aura or auric field.

This is a multi-dimensional release and healing this is taking place in this course!

Who this course is for:

  • Those searching for a way to expand their awareness and consciousness and manifest what they want in their lives
Basic knowledge
  • Have an open mind to Learn Simple Techniques
What you will learn
  • How to release the emotion of fear from all levels of their being
  • Identify where blocks and negative emotions show up in the body
  • Use inner technology to release from the physical body
  • Learn how to connect to Spirit for total release from their personal Electro-Magnetic Field aka Auric Field
Number of Lectures: 5
Total Duration: 00:35:58
Releasing Fear and Blocks to Your Success
  • Introduction - Creative Power Within Us  

    Meet the Instructor of this course, and about the creative power inherent in all of us that is directly from Source. Listen as she tells you briefly about her journey to find this power and the role it has in manifesting.

  • Working with Spirit's Higher Intelligence  

    Learn about partnering with Spirit and how they assist in removing energetic blocks that hold one back. 

  • Energy is Meant to Flow Through  

    Become aware of what happens when emotions/energy are shoved down...preventing release. Sanskrit this is referred to as Samskara which means blockage or impression from the past.

  • Pick a Fear To Release  

    Choose a fear to be released and be taken into a sacred space for a multidimensional release. As you are guided through releasing on the physical level, beautiful high level spirit technicians and surgeons clear your auric field of programs and energies connected to that specific fear and transmute them.

  • Conclusion and the Upcoming Manifesting Money Course  

    Conclusion and you are encouraged to continue to use these techniques for any blocks in life!

    For the Manifesting Money course go here -

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