Course: Conflict Management: How to Resolve Difficult Conversations Successfully

Conflict Management: How to Resolve Difficult Conversations Successfully

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About this Course
  • How well do you communicate with others?
  • Do you find yourself having to handle difficult people in your professional or personal life?
  • What do you do in a conflictual situation?
  • Building solid, long-lasting relationships is something you have longed for far too long and hardly succeeded?
  • Do you think your career progress is affected by the way you handle conflicts?
  • And if you were to choose between a conflict and a balanced, genuine interaction with others, what would you choose?

This course is just what you need in order to manage the conflicts in your life by transforming your perception on them and mastering your communication skills.

Take your insight and communication skills to a whole new level and handle conflicts like a ZEN Master by taking this course!

Communication with others seems to be one of the greatest challenges anyone in today’s society comes to face. Whether in the domestic, professional or social realm, whether formal or informal, you need to communicate, as one thing is for sure: you can not, not communicate.

This course is especially tailored for people like you, willing to improve their relationships and experience more of the joy and personal and professional success available to them.

This course is for YOU if:

  • You want to develop better communication and social skills with family, friends, work colleagues, etc
  • You were (and possibly still are) confronted with conflictual situations due to poor or lack of communication in relationships
  • You are a professional who wants to develop a successful career and for whom conflict management skills are a valuable asset

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You are a person that does not want to interact with others neither in their close circles, nor in their extended social and professional environment
  • You if you consider you already know EVERYTHING about people, communication, conflicts and personal development

The format of the course is purposefully designed so that it offers you the best learning experience by combining videos, written lectures and practical exercises.

Basic knowledge
  • Before you start this course, you will need a willingness to learn and be open to NEW PERSPECTIVES and NEW WAYS OF THINKING as relating with handling conflicts and difficult conversations in your personal and/or professional life
  • Your success in taking this course depends greatly on your commitment to follow through the lectures and exercises that it offers you
  • The questions addressed are part of the course, so for best results, take your time, go through them at your own pace, and apply the insights as soon as they come up ;)
What you will learn

At the end of this course, students will be able to...

  • Know exactly what generates a conflict
  • Change the perceptions regarding any conflictual situation
  • Have a better understanding of the assertive interaction with others
  • Build honest, authentic, exceptionally well-balanced relationships with your spouse, work colleagues, friends, neighbors or any other people you come into contact with
  • Experience a new level of awareness about yourself and in relationships with other people
  • Follow-up on the feedback received even after challenging conversations
  • Adjust your communication in order to resolve any type of conflicts
  • Improve self-confidence, self-expression and attention
  • Manage conflicts by being congruent with your own needs and values and also respecting those of other people
  • Develop higher levels of creativity , attention and pleasure when communicating with other people
Number of Lectures: 12
Total Duration: 00:41:26
Welcome to the Conflict Management Course!
  • Introduction  


    In this lecture you will find out what the structure of the course, how you can access the lectures, get to know the Instructor and introduce yourself.

How Do We Communicate?
  • Mental Maps  

    We will (un)cover in this lecture:

    ·         How we perceive the world around us – objectively and/or subjectively.

    ·        How are opinions and perceptions are different from those of others

    ·        Practical Exercise for gaining more insight in a given situation through changing perspectives

  • Why is Feedback Important and How to Use It?  

    We will go through the communication model and reveal what triggers a conflict and how can the feedback actually help you avoid getting into a conflict.

    As additional resource you will find more information about NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and its main presuppositions.

  • How Do You Recognize A Conflict?  

    This practical exercise will help you:

    ·        gain more awareness about all those situations when you are on a point of getting into conflict

    ·        identify how you experience the state of conflict in your physiology (in your own body)

    ·        make a clear inventory of the reactions you have during conflicts and what is it the others perceive

  • Which Are The Main Causes of Conflict?  

    Conflicts can have many causes as each relationship is a unique experience in place and time.

    In this lecture, you will find out which are the main causes (in general) and also discover which are for YOU the most often „triggers” for conflict you confront yourself with.

Conflicts & Relationships
  • LIFE Positions  

    In our relationships we position ourselves according to our perception of the world, our beliefs, values, our different levels of self-esteem, judgment and that very positioning can lead to conflicts.

    In this lecture you will find not only which these positions are (according to Transactional Analysis, but also which position in the one that brings balance and harmony in the communication flow.

  • Agreements  

    We will cover in this lecture the power the words have: the words that we speak, as well as the words spoken to us.

    Inspired from a spiritual work (the 4 agreements of the Toltec wisdom), this lecture offers you a powerful practice for changing the way you perceive and interact with the world and people around you, and also take your self-awareness to a whole new level.

  • Managing A Conflict  

    Find out how communication can turn from a battle into an enjoyable dance using just 4 simple principles.

  • Practical Exercise  

    Change the way you express disagreements in conversations or relationships using this very simple, yet extremely effective technique.

  • Relationship Arithmetic  

    In this lecture I will show you an illustration of just how a relationship works. Using a creative visual illustration, the way you perceive a relationship will shift. As you will discover that in an interaction there is more than you and your partner: it is also the Relationship involved ;)

  • Conclusions  

    In this lecture, at the end of the course “Conflict Management: Find Resolution, Balance and New Insight” we make a quick sum up of what the course covered and how it influenced the way you can now manage a conflict

  • Guided Meditation  

    For best results, take a few minutes off your daily routine to listen to it. Choose a quiet and comfortable place for this.

    Think about one belief that is limiting you (e.g. “I cannot do that…”, “I am not good enough to…”, “I do not deserve…” etc) and then identify one empowering belief that you want to replace the old limiting belief.

    At the end of the meditation you will feel relaxed, more confident and energized

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