Course: Six Traits of Executive You

Six Traits of Executive You

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About this Course

Few financial professionals even consider the importance of building their executive presence and then they wonder why they don't have a seat or a voice at the executive boardroom table. In this series of 6 modules, you will learn how to elevate your own executive presence and achieve high levels of influence, leadership and make a strategic contribution inside your organization. These six traits exemplify great executives from all the rest. Mastering these traits will propel your career, executive profile, and drive success at the organizations for whom you serve.

Basic knowledge
  • High potential employees learn technical skills through education and focused training but there is a marked difference between a technical professional and an executive. A strong professional demonstrates technical excellence in their area of expertise. However, financial executives rise above the technical mastery to convert this insight into persuasive, decision-directing and credible messages. Messages that other executives, employees and stakeholders can understand, act on, and follow. This course is ideally suited for existing and aspiring executives looking to achieve greatness in their career
What you will learn

Upon completion of this course you will:

  • Elevate their level of personal presence and confidence to deliver information with executive command
  • Establish strategic people networks across the organization and externally through stronger, deeper relationship building
  • Speak and write with precision, clarity, and persuasion to convey important insights to those able to act and respond
  • Increase their level of perseverance and resilience enabling them to see through important, challenging long-term initiatives 
  • Learn to recruit, retain, and develop a strong team of professionals increasing the capabilities and capacity of their functional area to support the business
  • Focus on heightening and protecting the level of credibility, allowing conversations to focus on the implications of information rather than the information itself
  • Strengthen their personal brand and consistently deliver on that brand promise each and every day
Number of Lectures: 54
Total Duration: 03:30:39
Six Traits of Executive Presence - Communication Skills
  • Introduction to Communication Skills  
  • Ethos, Pathos, Logos - Communications  
  • Building Rapport With Your Audience  
  • Communications - Story Telling  
  • Communications - Writing Skills  
  • Presentation Skills  
  • Communication Recap  
  • Script: Communication Skills  
  • Communication Skills Glossary/Index  
  • Workbook: Communications Skills  
Six Traits of Executive Presence - Confidence
  • Introduction to Confidence  
  • Confidence - Personal Presence  
  • Confidence - Power  
  • Confidence - Physical Space  
  • Confidence Recap  
  • Slides: Confidence  
  • Confidence Glossary/Index  
  • Workbook: Confidence  
  • REVIEW QUESTIONS - Confidence  
  • FINAL EXAM - Confidence  
Six Traits of Executive Presence - Leadership
  • Introduction to Leadership  
  • Manager to Leader  
  • Leadership Effect  
  • Leadership and Power  
  • Leadership - Acting With Credibility  
  • Slides: Leadership  
  • Leadership Glossary/Index  
  • Workbook: Leadership  
  • REVIEW QUESTIONS - Leadership  
  • FINAL EXAM - Leadership  
Six Traits of Executive Presence - Personal Branding
  • Introduction to Personal Branding  
  • Define Your Brand  
  • Appearance  
  • Value Differentiators  
  • Brand Communication  
  • Conclusion  
  • Slides: Personal Branding  
  • Personal Branding Glossary/Index  
  • Workbook: Personal Branding  
  • REVIEW QUESTIONS - Personal Branding  
  • FINAL EXAM - Personal Branding  
Six Traits of Executive Presence - Relationship Building
  • Introduction to Relationship Building  
  • EQ & SQ - Relationship Building  
  • Office Politics  
  • First Impressions  
  • Conversation  
  • Relationship Management  
  • Conclusion - Relationship Building  
  • Slides: Relationship Building  
  • Relationship Building Glossary/Index  
  • Workbook: Relationship Building  
  • REVIEW QUESTIONS - Relationship Buiding  
  • FINAL EXAM - Relationship Building  
Six Traits of Executive Presence - Resilience
  • Introduction to Resilience  
  • Resilience - Mindset  
  • Resilience - Personal Goals  
  • Resilience - 4 GRIT Factors  
  • Resilience - Deliberate Practice  
  • Resilience - Overcoming Adversity  
  • Slides: Resilience  
  • Resilience Glossary/Index  
  • Workbook: Resilience  
  • REVIEW QUESTIONS - Resilience  
  • FINAL EXAM - Resilience  
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