Course: The Complete Storytelling Course for Speaking & Presenting

The Complete Storytelling Course for Speaking & Presenting

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About this Course

The Complete Storytelling Course for Speaking & Presenting

Imagine yourself with the storytelling ability to captivate every audience. You can become a captivating speaker and presenter after you earn the techniques of expert storytelling.

Becoming good at storytelling is not a difficult art reserved for the highly talented and gifted. Speaking expert TJ Walker breaks down all the steps needed to become comfortable and skilled at storytelling.

This comprehensive storytelling course is the longest and most through of any on this platform. The course will not only serve you well in the short term but provide a handy reference for you on every aspect of storytelling for years to come.

Attention: TJ Walker will personally critique your storytelling abilities. Each student is asked to post several video of themselves delivering stories. This is the most meaningful and helpful part of the storytelling course.


Please note: this is a course on how to tell stories while presenting and delivering speeches. The instructor demonstrates and teaches this storytelling skill by speaking directly to you, the student. If you are looking for a course with lots of graphics, edits, sound effects, and other distractions, this course is not for you.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to become good at or better at storytelling in their presentations
Basic knowledge
  • A willingness to practice speaking on video
  • A webcam or cell phone camera for recording video
What you will learn
  • You will become an excellent storyteller in your presentations
  • Have confidence in your ability to captivate any audience
  • Speak in a memorable manner
  • Influence audiences
Number of Lectures: 277
Total Duration: 13:27:08
You Will Become a Master Storyteller!
  • Quick Win! Here is Where to Find Great Stories  
  • What to Cut When Time is Short  
  • The Perfect Way to Start Every Presentation  
  • If You Aren't a Natural Born Storyteller, You Need to Watch This  
  • The Only Thing Every Great Speaker Has In Common  
  • The Secret to Creating Great Stories  
  • Trick for Getting Your Audience to Ignore All Your Mistakes and Flaws  
  • Assignment: Testing Your Storytelling Communication To Make Sure It Works  
  • The Difference Between Storytelling for Professionals v Theatrical Performers  
  • The Biggest Decision You Will Ever Make About Your Storytelling Future  
These Elements Are a Part of Every Great Story
  • Assembling the Basic Build Blocks of Your Stories  
  • The Real Reason We Are Telling These Stories Is...  
  • Your Characters will Come ALIVE  
  • Even Deeper Character Development  
  • You Can Be the Star of Your Own Show  
  • Here is Where All the Action Takes Place  
  • Why Nobody Wants to Hear About Your Happy Family  
  • Dialogue will Bring Your Stories to Life  
  • Sharing Feelings IS Professional  
  • Lights! Action! (And no Camera)  
  • Put the Audience On Their Edge of Their Seats  
  • It's OK Not to Love Storytelling  
  • Surprise!  
  • End with a Bang!  
  • Tie Your Message to Your Story  
  • Extra Ingredients for A Spicy Story  
The Easy Way to Have 100% Confidence In Your Stories, But You Might Not Like It
  • The Clean, Dirty Little Secret  
  • This Is the Way To Practice Your Story For Maximum Impact  
  • Your Turn  
  • Did You Really Do The Last Homework Assignment?  
Select the Winning Message for Your Audience
  • Not All Messages Are Created Equal  
  • This Is the Story That Will Motivate Your Audience to Action  
  • Don't Be Greedy! One Handful Only Please  
  • Building a Strong The Frame for Your Stories  
  • Matching Your Stories to Your Audiences  
  • Make Sure Your Audience Can Relate to Your Story  
  • Sure, It's OK to Tell Other People's Stories  
  • You Don't Always Have to Have a Happy Ending  
  • End On a Positive Note  
  • A Turtle and a Rabbit?  
The Story Behind Stories
  • Why We Tell Stories  
  • The Ultimate Test for Your Story  
  • Winning the Credibility Factor  
  • Don't Forget, You Are a Natural Storyteller  
  • The Real Danger Most Speakers Face  
  • This Is Where Your Best Stories Have Been Hiding  
  • Yes, There Was Communication Invented Before Texting  
  • What You Don't Know About Bad Stories  
  • Storytelling Your Way to Power  
Don't Gamble On Your Stories. Test Them Instead
  • Testing Your Stories and Keeping Only the Winners  
  • You Have to Like Your Own Stories  
  • The Free Digital Focus Group for Your Stories  
  • Testing On Those Who Really Matter  
The Stagecraft of Storytelling
  • Your Mouth AND Your Body Have a Story to Tell  
  • Great Body Language for Your Presentations  
  • Never Let These Two Classic Body Language Blunders Slow You Down  
  • Big Picture - Make Everyone You Work With Feel Comfortable Working With You  
  • Your Nerves Will Never Show Again  
  • You'll Never Fall for These Body Language Myths Again  
  • Here Is Exactly What to Do With Your Hands  
  • The Composed, Confident Video Star  
  • Never Spotlight Your Blunders and Mistakes Again  
  • You are Now Ready for Prime Time TV  
  • The Number 1 Tip for Curing Body Language Problems Is...  
  • The Real Way to Improve Your Body Language Confidence  
  • Confident Briefing to Colleagues and Others  
  • Keynote Speeches Will Showcase Your Calm and Confidence  
  • Use a TelePrompTer Like a Network News Anchor  
  • Making Sure Your Clothes Are Communicating Your Positive Story  
  • Your Body Language Partner - The Friendly Spotter  
Using the Full Range of Your Voice in Storytelling
  • Using Your Voice for Maximum Storytelling Impact  
  • Famous Bad Voices  
  • Record Your Voice  
  • Diagnosis Your Own Voice  
  • Feedback from Others  
  • Defining Your Exact Problems  
  • Listen to Natural conversation  
  • Don't Lower Your Voice  
  • How to Improve Your Voice Other Techniques  
Nobody Every Complained About a Speaker for Being Too Funny
  • Having the Most Fun Possible in Your Story  
  • Make Fun of Yourself  
  • You Aren't Jerry Seinfeld  
  • Your Comedy Laboratory  
  • Your Worst Moments Are Comedy Gold  
  • Don't Seem Like You Are Trying Too Hard  
  • Avoiding the Hack  
  • Showing the Fun  
  • Your Humorous Voice  
  • The Funny Self-Talker  
  • The Bottom Line on Humor  
  • Your Humorous Story  
Avoid These Common Storytelling Blunders
  • Don't Do This  
  • The Biggest Blunder of All  
  • Don't Cut That  
  • Should Be Obvious, But Is Not  
  • Less Is Not Always More  
  • More Is Sometimes Less  
Advanced Tips on Storytelling
  • Let's Take Things Up a Notch  
  • The Best Written Stories Are Often Not Written At All  
  • Read Your Audience  
  • Make Your Audience a Part of Your Story  
  • Tell Me Something New  
  • Complexity Makes Your Characters More Interesting  
  • Share the Pain  
  • The Story Image Lives On  
  • Where Is This Going  
  • Here Is The Best Way to Thank People  
  • A New Twist on An Old Story  
  • Abstraction Is Your Enemy  
  • Show N Tell, Not Just Tell  
  • All Five Senses  
  • Increase the Tension  
  • Think Like a Movie Director, Not a Typist  
  • Be Active, Not Passive  
  • Just Tell the Story Already  
  • No, You Don't Want to Be Concise  
  • Want People Say They Want Is Not Necessarily What They Want  
  • Order Matters  
  • Make Your Hero Relatable  
  • Stories Make Advice Less Annoying  
  • Leave People Feeling Up About Something  
  • The Motivation of Your Hero  
TED Talks - The Storytellers Disney World
  • What do All Great TED Talks have  
  • What Makes a TED Talk  
  • Passion for an Idea Worth Spreading  
  • Tell a Story  
  • Plan Your Visuals  
  • Timing is Everything  
  • Style AND Substance are Essential  
  • Great Writers Read Great Writers  
  • Apply to Speak at TED  
Frequently Asked Questions About Storytelling
  • Your Questions Are Answered Here  
  • How Long Should a Story Be  
  • What Is the Best Way to Start a Story  
  • Can You Make Up a Story  
  • Should You Memorize a Story  
  • How Do You Remember Your Stories  
  • Is It Ever a Bad Idea to Tell a Story  
  • Can a Story Backfire  
  • What Is the Maximum Number of Stories You Can Use  
  • Ask Your Questions Anytime  
TJ's Stories about Storytelling and Public Speaking
  • Demonstration Time  
  • A Masterclass in Storytelling  
  • Presenting the WRONG Way to the Media  
  • Clintonian Eye Contact  
  • My Zombie Client  
  • Teaching Clients NOT to Act  
  • Surrounded by Machine Guns!  
  • The Crying Beauty Pageant Winner  
  • You Never Have to Lurk In the Shadows Again  
  • The Fluttering Bird Flying to Nowhere  
  • 'I Can't do This' Becomes 'I Can Do This'  
  • My First Time on TV as 'The Fonz'  
  • Speaking To a Small Audience of 5,000 People  
  • My Worst Presentation Ever!  
  • I Was The Skunk At the Party  
  • Fearlessness Is Often the Best PR Tool  
  • King for a Day  
  • TJ And the Cat Lady  
  • Why Did You Wear That Ugly Tie  
  • Less Is More  
  • The Missing Link  
  • A Nobel Experience  
  • The Fetal Position  
  • On My Hands And Knees Begging!  
  • Yes, My Stint on Reality TV  
  • Brought Down to Earth  
  • My Stagecoach to Pumpkin Moment  
  • Me and Ben Affleck  
  • Pre-YouTube Days Driving to One TV Station At a Time  
  • Familiarity Breeds Contempt  
  • Ups and Downs and Ups and Downs  
  • The Least Listened To Talk Show Host Ever  
  • Nothing Beats a Good Gimmick  
  • Sometimes, Experience Just Means You Are Old  
  • Some Media Stars Are Approachable  
  • You Will Never Guess One Early Role Model  
  • Waiting Til the Last Minute Is Always a Bad Idea  
  • Treated Like a King...And a Mark  
  • A Complete and Total Meltdown  
  • There Is Always Time for Anything Important  
  • Me and Mr. Rogers in '68  
  • Presenters Don't Get Paid What They Are Worth, They Get Paid What They Ask For  
  • Nobody Knows Anything  
  • Riveted...On a Dairy Farm  
  • The World's Worst Vacuum Cleaner Salesman  
  • The Wrong Fit  
  • The Lowest Arena for Presentation Skills  
  • Presentation Skills On Video Will Sell You  
  • Showing Up On Time and Avoiding Drama  
  • It Can't Get Any Worse Than This  
  • Diamonds And Gold for You!  
  • Larry King's Public Speaking Secret  
  • A Story I Don't Tell Anywhere Else But Here  
  • The Best Worst Presentation I Ever Saw  
  • And The Winner of The Worst Dressed Award Is...  
  • This Superstar Is So Happy To See Me  
  • Going Into a Talking Career By Being Told 'Don't Talk'  
  • My First and Favourite Motivational Speaker  
  • Some People Just Watch To Hear You Present For The Entertainment  
  • Cult Leaders Have Great Presentation Skills  
  • TJ the Carnival Barker!  
  • The Show Must Go On  
Here Is Your Chance To Learn from Some of the Best Storytellers on the Planet
  • Learn Storytelling and Presentation Skills from Your Role Models  
  • Oprah Winfrey  
  • William F. Buckley  
  • Amy Cuddy  
  • Martha Stewart  
  • Bill Clinton  
  • Tony Blair  
  • Bill O'Reilly  
  • Dick Clark  
  • Winston Churchill  
  • Steve Harvey  
  • Ronald Reagan  
  • Robin Williams  
  • Rush Limbaugh  
  • Ellen DeGeneres  
  • Jesse Jackson  
  • Joan Rivers  
  • Fidel Castro  
  • Barack Obama  
  • Samantha Bee  
  • Barbara Walters  
  • Bill Maher  
  • Larry King  
  • Nelson Mandela  
  • Emeril Lagasse  
  • Les Brown  
  • Rachel Ray  
  • Eleanor Roosevelt  
  • Steve Jobs  
  • Johnny Carson  
  • Warren Buffett  
  • David Letterman  
  • Judge Judy  
  • Billy Graham  
  • Dr. Phil  
  • Joel Osteen  
  • John F. Kennedy  
  • Malcolm X  
  • Margaret Thatcher  
  • Martin Luther King Jr.  
  • Abraham Lincoln  
  • Pat Robertson  
  • Zig Ziglar  
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt  
  • Teddy Roosevelt  
  • Anthony Robbins  
  • Deepak Chopra  
  • Gary Vaynerchuk  
  • Suze Orman  
  • Adolf Hitler  
Secrets to Integrating Storytelling Into Your Presentations and Speeches
  • Making Your Great Stories a Part of A Great Speech  
  • Quick Wins! Appear to Speak Without Notes, Avoid Verbal Tics, Teleprompter Trick  
  • You Can Fulfill Your Exact Public Speaking Goals Once You Identify Them  
  • Look Supremely Comfortable and Confident Every Time You Speak  
  • Use the Eye Contact Tricks of the Masters  
  • Learn to Like and Even Love the Sound of Your Own Voice  
  • Starting Your Speech At Exactly the Right Spot  
  • Become a Five for Five 100% Speaking Success  
  • A Trick 1000 Times More Effective Than Practicing In Front of A Mirror  
  • Every Great Speaker Uses These...Every Awful Speaker Avoids These  
  • Professional Analysis Of Your Stories Now  
  • Give Life to Ideas With Your PowerPoint, Not Death  
  • Use 1 Idea to Make Your Slides #1  
  • Passing the Ultimate Public Speaking Test With Flying Colors  
  • Testing Your Speech With Focus Groups For Free  
  • More Evidence That Your Speech Is Working  
  • More Is Sometimes More When It Comes To Public Speaking  
Bonus Video Section
  • Thank You to One of My Mentors Bill Gove  
  • Classic TJ on Stories  
Your Storytelling Library Has Just Been Expanded
  • Here are five of my PDF books that give tips and trick on how to tell stories  
Conclusion to The Complete Storytelling Course for Speaking & Presenting
  • One Last Chance!  
  • Continue to Watch Great Storytellers Regularly  
  • Curate Your Own Personal Library of Stories  
  • Conclusion Best Wishes for a Lifetime of Great Stories  
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