Course: WCBC Module 1 - How To Be a Great Coach to Others

WCBC Module 1 - How To Be a Great Coach to Others

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About this Course

Here we go, this is Module One of our new premier course on How To Be A World Class Business Coach. You should make sure that you have taken our free Introduction Course entitled just that ... i Will Teach You To Be a World-Class Business Coach. That provides a powerful introduction to this module, and to the next 11 modules that will be coming your way. When you take all these modules in this you will be one of the best prepared Business Performance Coaches in the industry.

Here in Module One - How to Be A great Coach I introduce you to the principles, and the the performance, and the presence needed to be one of the best coaches. Then I teach you the WiT Coaching Experience Communications Model which is one of the best ways ever to start thinking, acting, and speaking as a world-class coach.

The Module is one hour of high content video, but you should watch it and listen to it and take notes from it at least three times. Remember you want to be one of the 3% and be one of the best in the world. That's what World-Class means.

Stan Hustad

Who this course is for:

  • Grown ups who want a challenge to be better leaders, guides, managers, and parents.
  • Those who are seeking the lifestyle and knowledge to be a professional world-class business coach.
  • Please ... Don't just be a curious wannabe, this is for serious folks who want to change their own life and help others to do the same
Basic knowledge
  • They need to know that they want to do and be better in their life an din helping others
What you will learn
  • You will be on your way to being a world class business coach because you will know what a coach does, and how to start doing it.
  • You will know three vital principles that a good coach is aware of and can start to live up to and do in your new coaching practice.
  • The WiT Coaching Experience communication model will be your guide to being a great coach
Number of Lectures: 6
Total Duration: 00:52:09
This is the Single Unit of How To Be a Great Business Coach
  • This is the Promotion Invitation to your first module in How to Be a Coach  

    Please watch this again from the front page and seek to know very specifically what the goal of the course is... And always ask me questions if there is something yo do not understand or want an answer to.

  • We begin our introduction by asking you to be one of the 3%  

    This is one of the first things I learned in my long journey to be a professional business coach. In fact it is the key thing that begins any journey toward greater personal and professional development. You need to be one of the 3% and in this ten minutes you will learn about that and other key principles of being a world-class coach.

  • Learn more about the coaching communication that you must be about  

    Please make sure you get this well, and understand the powerful part of coaching that is a state of mindfulness; a deep sense of paying attention to what is going on. Be one of the people who notices.


  • Here is the downloadable handout for the next important lecture  

    Here is a vital pdf download of a handout worksheet that will take you through the five powerful steps of the WiT Coaching Experience communications model. Thanks and it will be very helpful to you!


  • This is key to this course and one of the key understandings to being a coach  
  • The Coaching Challenge to Be a World Class Business Coach  
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