Course: Odoo 9 to 12 Administration

Odoo 9 to 12 Administration

  • Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
  • Self-Paced
About this Course

This course is for ODOO Consultants, Administrators, Developers and beginners who wants to start using ODOO or wants to provide services on ODOO

ODOO in an OpenSource ERP and covering all business verticals and solutions including web, content management and e-Commerce.

This course is around 4 hours and cover complete administration and technical features of ODOO.

ODOO Administration is the core of any implementation to configure approval hierarchy, Users and access rights, configuring company and language, setup your printing document size, header and footer details.

It will be useful for the consultant and beginner who are willing to use ODOO for their personal use or want to provide ODOO services.

Basic knowledge
  • Fundamental Of Administration
  • Business Process and Business Flows
  • Understanding of ERP
What you will learn
  • Creating Production Database
  • Setting up Users, Groups, Security rules and manage business processes with approval hierarchy
  • Setup your company while start using ODOO for your organisation or setup for your clients
  • Important configuration for multi company and multi currency transactions
  • Setup incoming and outgoing mails servers and receive and send mail from ODOO
  • Setup multi language in ODOO and work with multi language interface and set user's prefered language for each user
  • Configure Automated actions and schedulers to auto trigger some actions in ODOO
  • Customising UI by changing field label, add new fields and change tab indexing of the fields from UI itself.
  • Customising report by adding new details, change existing details from UI by changing Qweb template directly
  • Setup sequences of documents like sales, purchase, invoicing by configuring sequences from administrations
Number of Lectures: 17
Total Duration: 03:10:24
  • Introduction of ODOO and Database Management  

    This video will present Database management with ODOO

    • Create
    • Duplicate
    • Backup
    • Restore
    • Drop

  • Introduction of ODOO UI  

    This video will present User Interface of ODOO with different parts.

    • Search Panel
    • Master Menu
    • Different type of Views
    • Sub Menu
    • Administration and Configurations

  • ODOO Dashboard and Improvements  

    This video will present list of improvements in Dashboard and Menu Structure in V9

    Dynamic dashboard with BI information is the new feature in V9. Managing everything on one screen will change the way you work and use your system.

  • ODOO improvements in Widgets Chatter and Process  

    This video will present improvements in different ODOO Widgets

    New colour tag in many2many widget and display badges on the kanban view based on the tags will improve usability and decrease number of clicks you need to check particular information.

  • Multi Language Management  

    This video will present : How to setup multiple language and set user preferences for language in ODOO V9.

  • Multi Company Configuration  

    This video will present : How to configure Multi company environment in ODOO V9 and setup user to work with multiple companies.

  • User Configuration  

    This video will present : How to setup multiple users with different access rights and roles in organization, Change user password and setup user by sending him/her invitation for sign-up.

  • E-Mail Configuration  

    This video will present : How to configure incoming and outgoing mail servers and use fetch mail feature to create new record from incoming mails.

  • Security Management  

    This video will present Security management in ODOO.

    • Setup Access Rights
    • Setup Record Rules
    • Setup Groups

  • Translating new Language  

    This video will present how to translate new language for particular module and add translation in your instance.

  • Emails Actions User Interface and Database Structure  

    This video will present Mail template configuration, Email Queue, Data Structure of ODOO and various Actions.

    • Check field name and types for any object from ODOO UI

  • Automated and Scheduled Action  

    This video will present configuration of Automated actions, How it works and configuration of Schedule actions.

    Action can be send mail, sms, write or create etc.

  • General Calendar in Odoo  

    How to manage calendar and manage your work and schedules using single calendar for all events.

    ODOO provide calendar management with quick entry in calendar.

  • Report Customization in ODOO  

    This video will present : How to customize existing report from ODOO web client.

    With basic knowledge of HTML you can easily change

    • Field Labels
    • Static Text
    • Adding new row or columns
    • Add new value from database

    Everything can be done from User interface of ODOO web client. 

  • Configuring Sequence  

    This video will present Sequence configuration in ODOO with different dynamic parameter configuration like Years, Months, Days.

    Setting Sequence based on date range so that every month/quarter/year system will auto set sequence number.

  • Record Rules and Securities  

    This video will present Configuration of Record riles and applying it on Groups.

    Record rules can be configured to work Globally or based on Groups.

    With basic understanding of data structure and object names of odoo we can setup any rules with various conditions.

  • Debug Mode Options and Customizing Views  

    This video will present How to customize ODOO from web client interface.

    With debug mode we can check workflow, Meta data of any records, Change views.

    Adding new fields in any form change label or tab index of the fields.

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