Course: RESTful services with Node JS - Part 2

RESTful services with Node JS - Part 2

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About this Course

We are enhancing the services created with Part 1 by adding loggers, authentication and authorization mechanisms. Optimizing the server code, introducing request tagging with users, user ID, getting user information with tokens, securing the environment in multiple ways. I'm trying to enable the developer more reliable for data and access level handling. I keep focusing on robust + reliable application architecture. I hope you would like to learn this.

Basic knowledge
  • Express JS
  • Server side programming
  • Java Script
  • Routing
  • Handlers
  • Mongoose
  • DAO
  • Models and coding practices with functional programming
  • I would suggest if you new to Node JS please refer to Part 1 of this course first
What you will learn
  • Overview of previous code (Part 1)
  • Using Loggers (winston)
  • Extended Loggers
  • Auth helpers with JWT
  • Enhancing server security
  • Configure Auth Helpers
  • Creating user specific routes
  • Access helpers (route protector)
  • Attaching user identities to request
Number of Lectures: 11
Total Duration: 01:15:59
Introduction to course and review
  • Getting started and code flow  
  • Code flow  
Enhancing server logging
  • Introducing logger  
  • Enhancing logger  
  • Extending logs for responses  
  • Introducing authentication  
  • Configuring auth helpers  
  • Adding router for sales  
Access helpers
  • Attaching user IDs with tokens  
  • Introducing access helper  
  • Protect service with user access  
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