Course: Start a Programming Career Military Style

Start a Programming Career Military Style

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About this Course

Stackoverflow (Number one source of information for everything programming) estimates that there are about 18million programmers in the world, that is roughly 1% of the worlds 7 billion population. In other words, programming is the new crude, with a lot of opportunities.

Ever wanted to start a career in programming? But because of so much information from using Google you get lost in a pile of information that you receive from your research? Wasting so much time and effort? And at the end you did not start and is still lost?

This course puts together resources that will be useful for you to kick start a programming career - Military Style.

We start by looking at what programming is all about, the benefits and of course the down side of a programming career. Then we take a look at the latest programming languages with a view to knowing how to pick the one that is right for you.

At the end of the course you will identify what works for you and stick to it.

Basic knowledge
  • Lots of passion to learn programming
What you will learn
  • Know what it takes to become a programmer
  • Choose a programming language and stick to it
Number of Lectures: 29
Total Duration: 01:14:40
  • Introduction to the Course  

    A brief introduction to the course and how interactions with students will be conducted.

  • Interaction with Students  

    A brief information on how to ask questions about the course

Know the Enemy and Study the Terrain
  • Overview of a Programming Career  

    A brief description of what to expect when starting a programming career

  • Mental Exercise To Choose A Suitable Programming Language  
Choose a Weapon
  • Definition of Terms  
  • C++  
  • C Sharp  
  • Java  
  • PHP  
  • Python  
  • Ruby  
  • Javascript  
  • Swift  
  • Content Management Systems  
  • Final Thoughts on Choosing a Weapon  

    A brief and easy test to show if you have been following along

Plan Your Mission
  • Battle Plan  
  • Front End Developer  
  • Data Visualization Developer  
  • Back End Developer  
  • Full Stack Developer  
  • Developer Certifications  
  • Setting Goals  
Execute Your Mission
  • Habits  
  • Positivity  
  • Patience  
  • Teaching and Learning  
  • Physical Exercise  
  • Outro/Conclusion  
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