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Becoming a Kindle Keyword Expert and Find Hidden Markets with High Demand.

Let’s take a look at this confusing self-publishing business. Not all publishing video courses are bad, but some of them run through keyword research so fast that the numbers become overwhelming and you’re left to yourself. Then you notice some people emphasizing that it’s “all about keywords” and showing off screenshots. Well, let me debunk the myth: Not ALL of it is about keywords, but they definitely make a big difference. But that’s why it’s so confusing sometimes. Some gurus will swear by their proven methods, but many of their customers struggle with finding their way.

This course is a definite, valuable addition to those basic methods. Over the past few years in my publishing experience, I’ve come across so many categories and keywords that I am confident to say that I know what I’m doing when it comes to doing my research, and that there is a lot that other courses won’t teach you.

You’ve probably already seen some of these things:

  • Publishers all going after the same niches or keywords
  • Publishers who think something is a good keyword and then find out it’s way too competitive
  • Basic video courses that give you a 5-minute analysis and let you sort out the rest
  • Confusion about where to start, or if you should continue to put more books in your niche
  • Wondering about what competing publishers are doing, especially the ones who make so much money
  • Endless discussions about fiction versus non-fictions, and publishers making money in both
  • Questions about where to find new ideas, and hot or rising niches
  • Thinking you’re in a good keyword, only to discover that it’s cluttered with famous authors, and that the keyword wasn’t what made the books sell
  • And the list goes on 

I won’t be unrealistic here. You will still need to do your own research. But after taking this course, you will have tools and knowledge to speed that process up, and you’ll be more accurate about it, so that you won’t waste as much money or time on the wrong books, topics, or genres. I am going to arm you with sneaky tactics that can help you estimate your success better by comparing numbers, successful existing books, different platforms, and much more!

  • You will know which numbers matter most in your analysis
  • You will learn what matters not at all, or only to a certain extent
  • You will understand your numbers better, and you’ll see the difference between a great keyword and a mediocre one
  • You will have more confidence when you publish a book, with a greater certainty that it will generate some sales (or a whole lot)
  • You will see the difference between a good paperback, E-book, or audio book niche
  • You will receive ideas, creative ways to come up with new keywords, and know where to look
  • You will be less confused about rankings, page numbers, and book reviews that don’t make sense right now
  • You will better be able to find your way through the maze of thousands of book categories Amazon has 

Stop struggling and find out the shortcuts to facts and knowledge gurus and publishers are hiding from you. Many of them don’t want you to know this information, because it could increase competition. But you’ll be on to them. You’ll see what they are doing without telling you about it.

Become an advanced publisher and increase your profits by selecting the best niches, keywords, genres, and categories with the right methods!

Learn to do your research right!

In the publishing industry, everyone is talking about keywords, categories, and niches. But many of them won’t tell you exactly what they do. They give you some basic steps and then leave you in the dark.

That is about to change. But first, why would you believe me?

I made a lot of money in two consecutive years. I have developed a knack for finding profitable keywords and hidden markets. With this course, you will be able to:

  • Tap into secret niches others are overlooking
  • Be sneaky and spy on competitors
  • Analyze numbers better
  • Come up with new ideas for keywords
  • See the difference between fiction and nonfiction, E-books, paperbacks, and audio books
  • Double-check if a keyword is profitable
  •  All of that for an affordable price. Join me in my journey of finding high demand and low competition markets now

Basic knowledge
  • Basic self-publishing skills
  • Basic internet skills
  • Basic computer skills

What will you learn
  • Find profitable publishing keywords on Amazon
  • Identify markets where there is low competition
  • Discover topics where there is a high demand
  • Figure out what customers are looking for
  • Improve self-publishing techniques
  • Decide on fiction or non-fiction
  • Recognize high-demand niches and trends
  • Weigh short-term and long-term decisions
  • Make more passive income with books online
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 14 Total Duration: 01:47:37

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