Course: Modern .NET Ecosystem and .NET Core

Modern .NET Ecosystem and .NET Core

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About this Course

Last years a great number of technologies came up to the world of .NET platform: nowadays we have the full (classic) .NET framework with CLR as a runtime, Mono with its own runtime, .NET Core with Core CLR, WinRT, UWP and Xamarin, a new JIT compiler RyuJit, .NET Standard, PCL, .Net Native, new Roslyncompiler with open API, NuGet based project management. God’s sake! It’s so simple to get lost in that ocean of technologies. You need to understand the overall picture to feel comfortable today. Didn’t you feel like a small fish in the ocean last time? Well, I did. I questioned myself, "what the hell is going on around me?" I didn’t quite understand the directions in which technologies develop. I didn’t know what to expect, what to learn next. In such situation, you feel helpless. And what we are going to do in the course is that we’re going to eliminate this nasty feeling of being helpless by learning all the most important notions in the modern .NET platform.

Teaching Approach

No fluff, no ranting, no beating the air. I esteem your time. The course material is succinct, yet comprehensive. All important concepts are covered. For absolute beginners, I offer my help on Skype absolutely free if requested. Don't forget that this course has English subtitles, so if you don't understand my accent, feel free to turn them on.

Take this course and you will be satisfied.

Build a deep understanding of modern .NET concepts

If you go behind the modern .NET directions, then this course is for you. This course will bring a whole picture of what's going on nowadays in the world of .NET, so you'll understand what you can and what you can't achieve using specific technologies. This course is like a navigation map.

Content and Overview

The goal of this course is to reveal the whole picture of the .NET world. One of the most profound technologies is the new .NET Core platform, so learning it, is a second primary goal of this course.

Of course, all the way along we will discuss all the other technologies I mentioned above.

This course is built for all kind of C# developers who are interested in learning the .NET platform. This course is beneficial for juniors as well as for seniors who want to stay well-informed about modern .NET platform. I’m sure any student will find something interesting and useful in this course.

The main prerequisite is to be familiar with development on the .NET platform in C#. That’s all you need. 

In short, the course covers the following topics:

  • Classic .net platform, it’s building blocks, the history of this platform
  • Mono platform, it’s building blocks. You’ll figure out if classic .NET and Mono are compatible. We will compare classic .NET framework and Mono platform
  • .NET Core is the new cross-platform .NET platform. We will understand what’s different here comparing to other .NET platform and this platform means for the future of the .NET world platform
  • .NET Native is an interesting ahead-of-time compilation technology. You’ll know that a form of .NET Native comes to .NET Core as well.
  • Do you really understand what is UWP? How it is related to WinRT and what WinRT actually is?
  • Roslyn as a compiler platform
  • NuGet as a system of dependencies management
  • Installation of .NET Core
  • Command-Line Interface (CLI) of .NET Core
  • Deployment in .NET Core: SCD and FDD
  • The problem of cross-compiling
  • Portable Class Library (PCL)
  • .NET Standard
  • .NET Portability Analyzer
  • Unit-Testing in .NET Core
  • Upcoming Changes quick overview

How long is this course: The course is around 2 hours. All are video lectures. You will be able to download all the slides and code samples used in the course.

Keywords related to the course:

  • .NET Core
  • C#.NET Core
  • .NET Standard
  • NuGet
  • Core CLR
  • .NET Ecosystem

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone from beginner to senior
Basic knowledge
  • Need to be familiar with development on the .NET platform in C#
What you will learn
  • Create, deploy and manage .NET Core applications
  • Disctinct different technologies: platforms, runtimes, compilers and so on
  • Create and use .NET Standard Libraries
  • Understand all the modern .NET concepts
  • Write unit-tests in .NET Core
Number of Lectures: 24
Total Duration: 01:31:15
.NET Ecosystem Overview
  • .NET Ecosystem - Outline  

    Outline of .NET Ecosystem Overview module.

  • Classic .NET Platform  

    High-level overview of classic .NET platform.

  • Mono Platform  

    High-level overview of Mono platform.

  • .NET Core Platform  

    High-level overview of .NET Core platform.

  • .NET Native  

    Learn what the .NET Native and CoreRT is. This is a technology which implements ahead-of-time compiling in order to make the resulting application run much faster.

  • Xamarin\Xamarin.Forms  

    High-level overview of Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms which are based on Mono runtime.

  • UWP and WinRT  

    High-level overview of WinRT and its successor UWP.

  • Roslyn - .NET Compiler Platform  

    Roslyn is a new compiling platform. C# and VB now compile by Roslyn.

  • NuGet  

    High-level overview of NuGet as a system of dependencies management via packages.

  • .NET Ecosystem - Conclusion  

    Conclusion of the .NET Ecosystem Overview module.

.NET Core - The Future of .NET
  • .NET Core - Outline  

    Outline of the .NET Core - The Future of .NET module.

  • Installation  

    Learn how to install .NET Core: runtime + SDK.

  • .NET Core Command-Line Interface (CLI)  

    Learn the Command-Line Interface os CLI in short which enables creating and managing .NET Core projects.

  • Creating a Console Application from Visual Studio  

    Learn how to create a .NET Core console application from within Visual Studio.

  • Deployment in .NET Core  

    Learn two major ways of deployment: SCD (Self-Contained Deployment) and FDD (Framework-Dependent Deployment).

  • UWP and .NET Core  

    Learn the relationships between UWP and .NET Core at a project level.

  • Cross-Compiling  

    Learn the problem of cross-compilation.

  • Portable Class Library (PCL)  

    Learn what PCLs provide for solving the cross-compilation problem. Actually, almost nothing)))

  • .NET Standard  

    Learn what .NET Standard is. How it is different from PCL.

  • .NET Standard Use Case  

    Learn how to use .NET Standard libraries from within different types of projects.

  • .NET Portability Analyzer  

    Learn how to discover the portability problems with the tool ".NET Portability Analyzer".

  • Unit-Testing in .NET Core  

    Learn how to create and write unit-tests in .NET Core.

  • Upcoming Changes  

    Learn what's coming in the near future.

  • .NET Core - Conclusion  

    Conclusion of the .NET Core - The Future of .NET module.

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