Course: Up and Running with Blazor

Up and Running with Blazor

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  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
  • Self-Paced
About this Course

Blazor is the new Microsoft Single Page Application (SPA) for developing Web application , with Blazor you can develop web application fully in C# language from the back to the Front End and you can say goodbye to javascript and Angular Because Blazor is just Awesome.In this course we are going to grasp the basics of Blazor.

Basic knowledge
  • To Follow this course You have to be familiar with C# ,Razor and some Javascript , also having some ideas about Angular concepts may be helpful
What you will learn
  • After following this course you will be able to build an entire application using only .NET. So your application will be fully written in C#
Number of Lectures: 14
Total Duration: 01:17:35
  • What you should know  
  • Install Blazor  
Get Started
  • Blazor Hello World application  
  • How Does it Work  
  • Razor Overview  
  • Working With Components  
  • Routing  
  • One-Way Data Binding  
  • Two-Way Data Binding  
  • Event Binding  
  • Dependency Injection Part 1  
  • Dependency Injection Part 2  
  • Layouts  
  • Conclusion  
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