Course: Master Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security in 2019!

Master Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security in 2019!

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  • Self-Paced
About this Course

Learn cyber security and ethical hacking with us today starting as a complete beginner working through coding your own advanced back doors! We start with how to setup a Linux system and use basic Unix system commands. Next, we see how to create a secure penetration testing environment and begin footprinting, scanning, and website penetration testing. Then, we cover WPA2 wireless network cracking, man in the middle attacks, system hacking, and python programming fundamentals. Finally, conclude with the "real hacking" where we are writing our own pen-testing tools featuring a reverse shell, keylogger and bruteforcer!

I will updating more contents in this course.

Basic knowledge
  • This course was designed for total beginners to expand your skillset and help secure your own websites, devices, and properties online! Thank you for learning about the course and we hope you love it!
What you will learn
  • Understand the code of Conduct in Ethical Hacking
  • How to Setup a Lab for Penetration Testing
  • How to Web Penetration Testing works
  • How to hack a Wireless networks and other networks
  • Harvesting Websites and Emails
Number of Lectures: 59
Total Duration: 11:24:14
Introduction and installation!
  • Before we begin!  
  • Virtual Box install tutorial  
  • Kali Linux install tutorial  
  • Going full screen in Kali Linux!  
Basic commands!
  • Basic commands - part 1  
  • Basic commands - part 2  
  • Basic commands - part 3  
Prepare your lab!
  • Changing IP address and setting up wireless adapter  
  • Creating bootable Kali USB  
  • Important networking terms  
  • Important hacking terms  
  • Few things to do after installing Kali Linux  
  • Changing our Mac Address - Macchanger  
  • Google hacking  
  • Nikto basics  
  • Whois tool  
  • Email harvesting  
  • Shodan  
  • Zone Transfer With Dig  
  • Installing Metasploitable  
  • Nmap Part 1  
  • Nmap Part 2  
  • Nmap Part 3  
  • Zenmap  
  • TCP scans  
  • Nmap bypassing defences  
  • Nmap scripts 1  
  • Nmap scripts 2  
Web penetration testing!
  • Installing Owasp  
  • HTTP request  
  • HTTP response  
  • Burpsuite configuration  
  • Editing packets in Burpsuite  
  • Whatweb & Dirb  
  • Password recovery attack  
  • Burpsuite login bruteforce  
  • Hydra login bruteforce  
  • Session fixation  
  • Injection attacks  
  • Exploiting command injection vulnerability  
  • Finding blind command injection  
  • Basics of SQL  
  • Manual SQL injection - part 1  
  • Manual SQL injection - part 2  
  • SQLmap basics  
  • XML injection  
  • Installing XCAT and preventing injection attacks  
  • Reflected XSS  
  • Stored XSS  
  • Changing HTML code with XSS  
  • XSSer & XSSsniper  
WPA2 cracking
  • Wireless attacks theory  
  • Putting network card in monitor mode  
  • Capturing handshake with Airodump  
  • RockYou.txt  
  • Cracking with Aircrack  
  • Cracking with Hashcat  
  • Making password lists with Crunch  
  • Making password lists with Cupp  
Man in the middle
System hacking
Python basics
Coding advance backdoor
Creating keylogger for backdoor
Basic authentication bruteforcer
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