Course: Penetration Testing with KALI and More: All You Need to Know

Penetration Testing with KALI and More: All You Need to Know

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About this Course

Welcome to this comprehensive course on penetration testing with KALI. The course examines the various penetration testing concepts and techniques employed in a modern ubiquitous computing world, and will take you from a beginner to a more advanced level. We will discuss various topics ranging from traditional to many modern ones, such as Networking security, Linux security, Web Applications structure and security, Mobile Applications architecture and security, Hardware security, and the hot topic of IoT security. At the end of the course, I will show you some real attacks.

The layout of the course is easy to walk-through, and the videos are made short and engaging. My purpose is to present you with case exposition and show you live demos, while utilizing a large set of KALI tools (Enumeration, Scanning, Exploitation, Persistence Access, Reporting and Social Engineering tools) in order to get you started quickly. The necessary resources and tools are posted for each sections of the course.

Before jumping into penetration testing, you will first learn how to set up your own lab and install the needed software to practice Penetration Testing along with me. All the attacks explained in this course are launched against real devices, and nothing is theoretical. The course will demonstrate how to fully control victims' devices such as servers, workstations, and mobile phones. The course can also be interesting to those looking for quick hacks such as controlling victim's camera, screen, mobile contacts, emails and SMS messages.

At the end of the course you will be equipped with the necessary tools and skills to:

  • Assess security risks by adopting a standard Threat Modeling technique
  • Adopt a structured approach to perform Penetration Tests
  • Protect yourself and the organization you work at
  • Compile security findings and present them professionally to your clients
  • Make the world a safer place

You can as well enjoy the JUICY BONUS section at the end of the course, which shows you how to setup useful portable Pentest Hardware Tools that you can employ in your attacks.

I have put my 14 years of experience into this course by trying to answer many of the questions I had during my journey of learning. I have as well took the feedback and input of many of my students, peers, and professional figures.

I will be happy to answer all your inquiries and connect with you.

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Hack Ethically!

Basic knowledge
  • Intermediate computer knowledge
  • Fair knowledge of Windows systems
  • Networking basics
  • Programming basics
  • Web applications basics
  • Mobile applications basics
  • General idea about information security
What you will learn
  • Learn simplified ethical hacking techniques from scratch
  • Learn Linux basics
  • Learn more than 9 ways to perform LAN attacks
  • Master 2 smart techniques to crack into wireless networks
  • Perform an actual Mobile attack
  • Learn 10+ web application attacks
  • Learn more than 5 proven methods of Social Engineering attacks
  • Obtain 20+ skills any penetration tester needs to succeed
  • Make better decisions on how to protect your applications and network
  • Upgrade your information security skills for a new job or career change
  • Learn how to write a professional penetration testing report
Number of Lectures: 84
Total Duration: 06:42:13
  • The Undeniable Power of Ethical Hacking  
  • Introduction to the course  
Setup Your Lab
  • Why KALI  
  • Different Installation Methods  
  • Install KALI  
  • Install Windows (Target Machine)  
Explore KALI
  • Master KALI Desktop Environment  
  • Tips and Tricks + Update, Upgrade, and Alias Commands  
  • Color Coding  
Setup Your KALI Server
  • Get Started with Linux Commands  
  • Explore Main Services and Install Necessary Programs  
Steps to Plan a Successful Penetration Test
  • Threat Modeling  
9+ Ways to Attack a Network
  • Wireshark Simplified  
  • How Does Port Scanning Work  
  • Introducing NMAP  
  • NMAP and ZENMAP Simplified  
  • Understand NETBIOS and SMB Attacks  
  • Execute Man-in-the-Middle Attacks  
  • Perform a DNS Spoofing Attack  
  • Identify a DNS Zone Transfer Vulnerability  
  • Plan DOS and DDOS Attacks  
  • All-in-one Metasploit Framework  
  • Transfer the Payload to a Windows Machine  
  • Create Your First Trojan and Infiltrate a Target  
  • Explore the Powerful Armitage Tool  
  • Hide a Payload in a JPEG Image  
How to Attack Modern Wireless Networks
  • Introduction  
  • WEP Cracking  
  • WPA and WPA2 Cracking  
  • WPS Cracking  
  • Tips to Improve Your Wireless Network Security  
4+ Ways to Attack a Web Application
  • Web Applications Security Overview  
  • Web Applications Attack Surface  
  • Metasploitable VM  
  • Injection Vulnerabilities  
  • Broken Authentication Vulnerabilities  
  • Sensitive Data Exposure Vulnerabilities  
  • XML External Entities (XXE) Vulnerabilities  
  • Broken Access Control Vulnerabilities  
  • Security Misconfiguration Vulnerabilities  
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerabilities  
  • Insecure Deserialization Vulnerabilities  
  • Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities  
  • Insufficient Logging & Monitoring Vulnerabilities  
  • Additional Risks to Consider  
  • Discover Vulnerabilities in Websites  
  • Control Database Server with SQLMap  
  • Easily Hack a WordPress Site  
  • Intercept, Analyze, and Replay Web Traffic  
Simple Ways to Gain Access
  • Various Password Attacks  
  • Hashing in a Nutshell  
  • Execute an Offline Password Attack on Linux  
  • Execute an Offline Password Attack on Windows  
  • Run an Online Password Attack on Linux  
  • Run an Online Password Attack on a Router  
  • Crack Passwords with Rainbow Tables  
  • Design Effective Wordlists  
  • Password Management Tips  
Proven Social Engineering Techniques
  • Attack Vectors  
  • Open-source Intelligence (OSINT)  
  • Google Dorks Live Examples  
  • Track and Spoof Emails Easily  
  • Collect and Visualize Data with Maltego  
  • Execute a Phishing Attack  
  • Hack Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail Accounts  
Perform Attacks on Mobile Phones
  • Mobile Attack Surface  
  • Decrypt SSL Session  
  • Reverse Engineer an Android Application  
  • Hack an Android Phone and Download its Contacts  
Maintain Access
  • Post-Exploitation Terminologies  
  • Backdoor Tools Explained  
  • Netcat Simplified  
  • Install a Backdoor  
  • Deface a Website in Few Seconds  
  • Create a Simple Ransomware  
  • Understand the Hidden Tear Ransomware  
  • Bypass Firewalls by Tunneling Data and Commands over DNS  
Let’s Get Real
  • Publish Your Weapons Online  
  • Stay Anonymous Online  
  • Setup a Stealthy Command and Control Center Online  
How to Prepare and Present Your Report
  • Report Writing Techniques  
  • How Can Help You  
Secret Sauce BONUS
  • Create a Wi-Fi Jamming Tool  
  • Create a $3 Rubber Ducky Key-logger  
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