Course: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to WordPress Security

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to WordPress Security

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About this Course
  • Would you like to protect your site from hackers? But don't have the technical skills...
  • Would you like to secure your site like a pro? But don't know where to begin...
  • Would you like to back up your site so you can keep your data safe? But don't know how to set it up...

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place!

By the end of this WordPress security course,

you will know how to secure and protect WordPress site from hackers

and you'll have an automated backup system in place, to keep your data safe!

WordPress is the most attacked content management system in the world.

At least one WordPress site is hacked every 5 minutes. 

The primary goal for attackers it to get access to as many sites as possible

so they will be able to control themand use them for their own needs. 

Most attacks are computers based, and the size of the site and the target audience doesn't really matter.

And so, while content management in WordPress is easy to learn, WordPress security is still hard to master.

The good news is

  • You can protect your site
  • You can improve WordPress security level
  • You don't have to spend a lot of money in the process.

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to WordPress Security course is specifically designed

to give you all the WordPress security tips, WordPress security tools, and best practices to do it yourself. 

This is an evergreen WordPress security course and it will be updated as plugins and other tools mentioned in this course are updated.

WordPress security is in your hands! Take action right now. Click on the Enroll button, and start protecting your WordPress site today!

Basic knowledge
  • No previous knowledge is needed!
  • This course is a step-by-step guide to WordPress security, for beginners
  • Anyone who own, or intend to own, a WordPress site
  • Basic understanding of WordPress is useful
What you will learn
  • Why WordPress is ranked as the #1 (most attacked) content management system in world
  • What are the most common forms of attack
  • What the the five layers of security
  • How to apply security fixes to each security layer
  • How better security can improve your site performance
  • How to automatically backup your WordPress site, and keep the backup safe
  • How to make sure your site uses a secure connection
  • WordPress security: Setup Firewall, protect WordPress Files and Database, setup secure login and much more!
  • How to periodically check if your site is clean
  • What should you do if you think you've been hacked
  • How to protect you WordPress site from Ransomware and Cryptomining

Together in this WordPress security course we will apply more than 30 security measures to your WordPress site, using step-by-step video tutorials and guides.

Number of Lectures: 24
Total Duration: 02:27:59
  • Chrome to mark site without SSL certificate as "not secure"  
WordPress, Cryptocurrency and Ransomware
  • The Threat is Real. Here is how to protect yourself.  

    Further reading:

Course intro - Some tips to help you get the most out of this course
  • Welcome  
  • Course resources  
The Basics
  • Why WordPress? Understand the Course Layout  

    Why WordPress is the most attacked CMS in the world. Detailed layout of this WordPress security course.

  • Most common attacks  

    Talking about WordPress security, it is most important to understand the risks. 

    Therefore in this lecture you will learn what are the most common forms of attack on any WordPress site.

  • Five MUST HAVE layers of security to any WordPress site  

    Cyber security isn't just about applying fixes. It is first and foremost about prevention, and WordPress security is no different.

    In this part of this WordPress security course you will learn about five layers of security that you must apply to your site. These layers will help you prevent most attacks before they even get to your server! 

Domain Security
  • Introduction. Apply your first security measures  

    Some elements of Cyber security and WordPress security are the same. Domain protection is such example.

    In this lecture you will why protecting your domain is the most important part of WordPress security.

  • Lock Your Domain  

    In this lecture you will apply the first security patch to your site, by locking up your domain. 

  • Activate CloudFlare Firewall + CDN  

    Firewall and content delivery network are great tools in the arsenal of any site owner. Adding them to your site is part of Cyber security wisdom, not just WordPress security necessity.  In this lecture of this WordPress security course you will learn how to apply Firewall and CDN to your site.

  • Summary  

    Domain protection - Summary.

WordPress Security and Performance
  • Understand the connection between Security and better performance  

    Cyber security, WordPress security and performance. How they all related?

Secure connection via SSL - Add free SSL certificate to your WordPress site
  • Setup SSL Certificate  

    Add FREE SSL certificate to your WordPress site, to secure the connection between your, your site and your visitors and protect your personal information.

  • Force WordPress to Use SSL  

    Forcing a secure connection, and only secure connection, is cyber security best practice to any site owner. In this lecture of  this WordPress security course you will learn how to make your WordPress site to accept only secure connections.

  • Configure CloudFlare settings to use updated SSL settings  
Secure you hosting account
  • Know the risks  

    Cyber Security tip - What are the most common risks to your WordPress hosting account?

  • One time password  

    Cyber Security tip - How to keep your WordPress hosting account safe.

WordPress Security
  • Introduction  

    This section is the core of this WordPress security course - the section where we focus on WordPress security and apply security features to WordPress directly.

  • Setup Backup Service  

    Fresh backup copy of your site is the cornerstone of WordPress security. In this lecture you will learn how to setup WordPress backup service quickly.

  • WordPress Security - Plugins and themes  

    Cyber Security tip - What hackers are looking for in WordPress sites?

    How plugins and themes can impact WordPress security.

  • Keep WordPress core, plugins and themes up to date  

    How to update WordPress core, plugins and themes to keep your site safe.

  • User accounts security  

    Cyber Security tip - How to protect user accounts in WordPress. The tips in this lecture apply anywhere in your daily life as well.

    Keep your account safe, and follow the instructions to maintain high level of WordPress Security.

  • Secure your account with OTP  

    Cyber Security Pro tip - Avoid the most common mistake of two factor authentication.

    Setup TFA the right way using the steps in the lecture.

  • Secure comments - Reduce SPAM  

    Comments are great way to keep in touch with your audience. But they can also put your site at risk and fill it with spam. In this lecture of this WordPress security course you will learn how to manage comments, the right way.

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