Course: Web application hacking and penetration testing v3.1

Web application hacking and penetration testing v3.1

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About this Course

Course overview 

WAPTP v3.1 is highly practical and hands-on training for Web application penetration testing that covers the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities to attack and secure.

Combining the most advanced techniques used by offensive hackers to exploit and secure.

[+] Course at a glance

  • Starting with various terminologies of web technologies such as, HTTP cookies, CORS, Same-origin-policy etc and ends with multiple resources
  • Once you get sufficient insights of web technologies, the second module covers the, Mapping of application for insecurities, with various tools and tricks with heavy usage of most advanced intercepting proxy "Burp Suite"
  • Mostly focused over serious vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting, Cross-site request forgery, XML External Entity (XXE) attacks, Remote command Execution, Identifying load balancers, Metasploit for web applications, Advanced phishing attacks through XSS and more

[+] Training Methodology

Every lesson starts with Finding and hunting for vulnerability by taking the points how developers make and secure the web application at the time of development, once we have the clear path of working of development phase to security, then we hunt for application business logics to attack. This is where most penetration testers failed in their own game.

"If i need to chop down a tree in six hours, i will use four hours to sharpen my axe and rest 2 hours to cut the tree"

The same strategy has been covered in this course. we start with getting around of web applications by making analysis of application and watching the working behavior of the same.

#This course has been adapted from our work experience at gray hat security.

[+] Course materials

  • Offline access to read PDF slides 
  • 8+ Hours of Videos lessons
  • Self-paced HTML/Flash
  • 400+ PDF Slides
Basic knowledge
  • Basics of computer and Internet
What you will learn
  • Assess Web applications insecurities
  • Audit OWASP Top 10
  • Penetrate web applications
  • Hack web application to assess security vulnerabilities
  • Perform web security audits
  • Perform bug hunting
  • Burp suite advanced
  • Analysing web apps with Burp suite
  • Be a Web app hacker!
  • Be a bug bounty hacker and earn money
Number of Lectures: 64
Total Duration: 07:56:49
Introduction and lab preparation
  • Web application simulation lab  
Web application technologies 101
  • Web application technologies 101  
  • Web application technologies  
  • HTTP Protocol Basics  
  • Encoding Schemes  
  • Same Origin Policy  
  • HTTP Cookies  
  • Cross-origin resource sharing  
  • Web application proxy - Burp suite  
  • Web application architecture  
  • HTTP state management mechanism RFC  
  • DNSSEC- RFC_3008  
  • Domain names concepts - rfc1034  
Information gathering - mapping the applications
  • Fingerprinting web server  
  • DNS Analysis - Enumerating subdomains  
  • Metasploit for web application attacks  
  • Web technologies analysis in real time  
  • Outdated web application to server takeover  
  • BruteForcing Web applications  
  • Shodan HQ  
  • Harvesting the data  
  • Finding links of target - Maltego CE  
Cross-Site Scripting Attacks - Xss
  • Cross Site Scripting- XSS  
  • Cross site scripting 101  
  • Reflected type XSS  
  • Persistent XSS  
  • DOM-based XSS  
  • Website defacement through XSS  
  • Generating XSS attack payloads  
  • XSS in PHP, ASP & JS Code review for attacking  
  • Cookie stealing through XSS  
  • Advanced XSS phishing attacks  
  • Advanced XSS with BeEF attacks  
  • Advanced XSS attacks with Burp suite  
  • Codes for cookie stealing and xss phishing  

    These are the codes written by the instructor that students can use it to perform XSS phishing and cookie stealing as shown in the lessons or in different style of your own.

Sql Injection Attacks - Exploitations
  • SQL Injection attacks  
  • Introduction to SQL Injection  
  • Dangers of SQL Injection  
  • Hunting for SQL Injection vulnerabilities  
  • In-band SQL Injection attacks  
  • Blind SQL Injection attack in-action  
  • Exploiting SQL injection - SQLMap  
  • Fuzzing for SQL Injection - Burp Intruder  
  • Drupagedden attacks resources  

    You can use the original link provided in the text file for detailed explanation.

Cross Site Request Forgery - XSRF
  • CSRF or XSRF attacks methods  
  • Anti-CSRF Token methods  
  • Anti-CSRF token stealing  
  • CSRF Prevention guide  
Authentication & Authorization Attacks
  • Authentication bypass with hydra  
  • HTTP Verb Tampering  
  • HTTP parameter pollution  
  • Authentication sheet-sheet by OWASP  
Client Side Security Testing
  • Client side control bypass - Work in all applications  

    All the tricks shown in this lesson works fully on all the web application to bypass client side restrictions like date change, time change, character limitation etc etc...

  • Web socket-RFC  

    This paper is crucial that will help in understanding the WEB sockets technologies used in more juicy applications.

  • Cross window messaging - Resources  

    This is important to read as it gives in-depth information about how windows talks to each other that is more crucial for hacking

File Related Vulnerabilities
  • LFI & RFI attacks  

    LFI - Local File inclusion, RFI - Remote file inclusion

  • Unrestricted file upload - content type bypass  
  • Unrestricted file upload - extension type bypass  
  • Remote code execution using Shell Uploading  
XML External Entity Attacks - Xxe
  • XML Documents & database  
  • XXE attacks in action  
  • Out of band XXE - Resource  

    Use the link in the text file for better illustration of images. link is in the bottom of text file.

  • Website auditing - Wordpress  

    Use the text file link

  • Defense-in-Depth applied to web apps  
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