Course: Data Visualisation with Spotfire X

Data Visualisation with Spotfire X

  • Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
  • Self-Paced
About this Course

This course presents various manipulations within Spotfire X, in order to visualize data.

the course is divided into several parts:


  • Here, i present my self, how to download Spotfire and we discover together the user interface

Data manipulation:

  • This is a very interesting part, where i try to list the most data transformations that you may need in your work on data

Data visualization:

  • In this part, we shad light over some of the built in visualization tools in Spotfire

Advanced viz:

  • In this last part, we try to build much complex visualizations with spotfire

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in data analytics and visualization
Basic knowledge
  • The course only requires motivation and to be passionate about data and visualizations 
What you will learn
  • Visualise data 
  • Data preparation 
  • Data transformation 
  • Creating dashboards 
  • Communicate data insights
Number of Lectures: 23
Total Duration: 02:20:33
  • Introduction  
  • Installing Tibco Spotfire  
  • Exploring Tibco Spotfire User Interface  
Data manipulation
  • Loading Data From File  
  • Load Data from Data base (Microsoft SQL Server)  
  • Exporting data tables  
  • Exporting data visualisations  
  • Adding rows from a data file  
  • Adding calculated columns  
  • Adding calculated column  
  • Data Transformation - Ex: Updating data  
  • Removing Data  
  • Limit Data - Show /Hide Rules  
  • Unpivot Data  
  • Removing duplicates  
  • Manipulating Dates  
Data Vizualisation
  • Bar charts  
  • Pie charts  
  • KPIs : Key Principle Indicators  
  • Text Area  
Advanced Visualisation
  • Map Charts - Fun Example (MyStore)  
  • R language and SQL query  
  • Iron Python and API  
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