Course: Creating Perspective

Creating Perspective

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About this Course

This class is about how to create perspective, which includes a step by step of how to position the horizon line and, then, allowing you choose how many vanishing points you want: one, two or three. Finally, a few considerations about our cone of vision and the distortion that it causes. So, let's get going?

Basic knowledge
  • Just the will to learn, since I teach a step by step, at least at first, about very basic perspective concepts
What you will learn
  • Create your own perspective, either with one, two or three vanishing points
Number of Lectures: 7
Total Duration: 01:16:32
  • Introduction  
Creating perspective
  • Horizon line  
  • One vanishing point  
  • Two vanishing points  
  • Three vanishing points  
  • Cone of vision and distortions  
To sum it up
  • Summing it up  
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