Course: Certified Design Thinking innovation expert

Certified Design Thinking innovation expert

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About this Course

Problem-solving, their creative solving and then seamlessly using the results of this process - in short, you can define the essence of Design Thinking, a method developed by the owner of the company IDEO!

The goal is to get innovative solutions by using such methods to stimulate creativity. As a result, actions are translated into the business schema. Design thinking is based on project thinking, whose task is to provide creative solutions that are ready to be implemented.

One of the advantages of this training is the ability to use it from start-up to corporation. The universal method is to use it not only in designing new products but also in innovative solutions for a given situation.

Target Groups

  • For business and education
  • For project managers and their teams 
  • For Coaches and peoples dreamed of their start-ups 
  • For everyone who wants to create new products in extremely efficient way
Basic knowledge
  • Motivation to develop new innovation
What you will learn
  • How to develop a variety of concepts, products, services, processes, etc. for end users?
  • How to optimize the ability to innovate?
  • How to develop advanced brainstorming?
  • How to leverage the diverse ideas of innovation?
  • How to connect with the customers and end-users by targeting their actual requirements?
Number of Lectures: 22
Total Duration: 01:36:34
  • Your Project - Prepare your idea.  

    Create your project in accordance to Design Thinking procedure.

  • Persona Creation.  

    You will learn how to create persona and how to deal with their characteristics.

  • Empathy Map.  

    This lecture helps you to develop Empathy Map and understand how to deal with questions. 

  • Your Project - Empathize stage.  

    Sum up your experience gained from empathize stage and implement it into your project.

  • (Re) Define The Problem.  

    Learn defining techniques to define or redefine your idea.

  • Brainstorming setup.  

    This lecture will help you to set up brainstorming process and you will know some tips & tricks.

  • StarBurst Procedure - Overview.  

    This lecture will teach you how to provide Star burst model discussion. 

  • Charrette Procedure - Advanced Brainstorming.  

    This lecture deal with big group brainstorming management. You will know how to prevent chaos and keep brainstorming process on track.

  • SCAMPER - Advanced brainstorming.  

    Learn SCAMPER and use it efficiently.

  • McDonalds – SCAMPER Case Study.  

    SCAMPER skill test 

  • 6hats - Brainstorming.  

    Learn how 6 hats are working and use this brainstorming techniques at your daily basis.

  • Mind Maps - Make it Easy.  

    Create a mindmap without effort. 

  • End of Ideation stage - Ideas selection.  
  • Rapid Prototyping.  

    Learn advantages of rapid prototyping

  • Design Space Exploration.  

    What is Design space exploration and how to use it correctly?

  • Critical Function Prototype.  

    Why Critical function prototyping is so important?

  • Dark Horse prototyping.  

    What is dark horse and how to use Dark horse prototyping to boost your models.

  • Funky Prototyping.  

    What is funky prototype and how to sum up Dark horse ideas

  • Functional and X is Finished Prototype.  
  • Your Project - Prototype Stage.  

    Create your prototype and use procedure shown at this section to present your idea.

Final Word
  • Final Word  

    Some final words from instructor

  • #Bonus# Collaboration WhiteBoard - RealtimeBoards.  
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