Course: Autocad 2017-18 Complete Training

Autocad 2017-18 Complete Training

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  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
  • Self-Paced
About this Course

Starting with understanding the Interface of Autocad 2017-18, you will be amazed where you reach by the end of this course. With the wide applications of Autocad in Architecture and Civil fields, this is one software that you need to know to put down your engineering ideas on paper. Learn to draft 2D models,

This Course Is Divide into Two Parts…

 In First Part We Will Learn  

  • Interface
  • Units and Limits
  • Selection
  • Commands
  • Object Snap Tracking
  • Array
  • Hatch
  • Layers
  • Dimensions
  • Multi leader
  • Properties
  • Text
  • Table
  • More on Command
  • Printing in Auto Cad
  • Blocks
  • Dynamic Blocks

In Second Part We Will Learn

  • We Will Make Complete Project Plan
  • Will Make Section Of Foundation
  • Will Make Elevation of Project
  • Will Make Doors And Window Schedule

And I Will Provide You Plan In PDF

So, You can Practice what you will Learn

Basic knowledge
  • Basic Knowledge of Computer
What you will learn
  • Make And Edit Your Drawing In AutoCAD
  • Able to create plan Section And Elevation In Autocad
  • Able To Use Basic To Advance
Number of Lectures: 91
Total Duration: 06:58:28
Interface Of Auto cad
  • Introduction To Interface Of Auto Cad  
  • Application Button  
  • Rollover Tool tip In Auto cad  
Unit And Limits
  • How to Set Drawing Units (Part 1)  
  • More On Units  
  • How to Set Drawing Limits  
Selection Zoom And Pan
  • Window Selection  
  • Zoom And Pan  
  • How to Draw Line And Polyline In Auto cad  
  • How to Draw Circle In Auto cad  
  • How to Draw Arc In Auto cad  
  • How to Draw Polygon  
  • How to draw ellipse  
  • .Hatch in Auto cad  
  • Object Snap  
  • Polar Tracking  
  • .Move Command  
  • Copy Command  
  • Rotate Command  
  • .Stretch Command  
  • Trim Command  
  • .Extend Command  
  • .Offset Command  
  • Scale Command  
  • .Mirror Command  
  • Fillet Command  
  • Chamfer Command  
  • How to Draw Rectangle  
Object Snap Tracking
  • Object Snap Tracking mode  
Array And Its Types
  • Array Classic  
  • Rectangular Array  
More On Hatch
  • Associative Hatch  
  • How to Edit Hatch  
  • How to Create Layers  
  • More On Layers.  
  • .How to Import Layers  
  • .How to Create Own Dimension Style  
  • Continuous and base line dimension  
  • Moving Dimension  
  • Associative and non Associative Dimensions  
Multi leaders
  • .How to Create Multi leader  
  • .How to edit multi leader.  
  • How to Change Properties of an existing object  
  • Quick Properties  
  • Single Line Text  
  • Text Justification  
  • Text Style  
  • Multi line Texts  
How to Create And Edit Table
  • How to Create Table  
  • .How to Edit The Table  
More On Command
  • .Quick Select  
  • Calculator  
  • .Spell Check In Auto cad  
  • Divide Command  
  • Measure Command  
  • .Dounots  
  • .Revision Cloud  
  • .Lengthn Command  
  • Break Command  
  • .Break At Point  
  • .Align Command  
Printing In Auto cad
  • How to Print In Auto cad  
  • .Line Weight  
  • .Pen Assignment  
  • How to Print From Paper Space  
  • .More On View Port  
  • .How to Change The Size of paper in paper space  
  • .How to Create Blocks  
  • How to Edit The Block  
  • How to Delete Blocks  
Dynamic Blocks
  • .Introduction to Dynamic Blocks  
  • .How to create dynamic blocks  
  • Creating Dynamic Block Part 2  
  • Creating Dynamic Block Part 3  
  • Linear Perimeter  
Part 2 Working On A Project
  • .Intro How to Start New Project In Auto cad  
  • How to make X-Section For Foundation  
  • How to Create Walls  
  • .How to Create Door Cutout  
  • How to Create Doors  
  • How to Create Windows  
  • How to Make Stairs  
  • Create Text In Plan  
  • How to Create and Insert Coloumns  
  • How to draw doors and windows elevation  
  • Front Elevation Part 1  
  • Front Elevation Part 2  
  • How to Make Roof Plan  
  • Exercise Guide  
  • Exercise 2  
  • Exercise 3  
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