Course: GIMP Advanced Graphic Design: Free 3D Book and eBook Covers

GIMP Advanced Graphic Design: Free 3D Book and eBook Covers

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About this Course

Take Your GIMP Skills to the Next Level  

If you're getting bored doing the same old things in GIMP, maybe it's time to learn some new tricks. Come with me on this adventure into GIMP Advanced. In over an hour and a half of lectures, I'll show you some tricks you have yet to learn.  

Learn to Create 3D Book Covers  

Both boxed sets and individual 3D book covers are addressed in this course. Even if you don't work on book covers, you'll find the 3D effects useful in your future GIMP work.  

Learn to Create Reflections in Water  

Let me show you a nice water reflection effect that you'll be able to use in your own graphics.  

GIMP Advanced.  

It's not your grandpa's old GIMP anymore...

I'll see you in the classroom,


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has completed my first two GIMP courses
  • Anyone looking to improve their GIMP skills
Basic knowledge
  • An installed and working copy of the GIMP
What you will learn
  • To improve your GIMP skills taking them to the next level
  • To learn how to produce 3D book covers
  • To learn the application of filters to images
Number of Lectures: 19
Total Duration: 02:07:08
Course Introduction
  • Course Overview  
3D Book Covers
  • 3D Boxed Set: Finished Product  
  • 3D Boxed Set Pt. 1: A Stack of Book Spines  
  • 3D Boxed Set Pt. 2: Flip, Shadow, and Cover  
  • 3D Boxed Set Pt. 3: Create the 3D Box Effect  
  • 3D Boxed Set: Clean Up  
  • 3D Book Covers: Finished Product  
  • 3D Book Covers Pt. 1: Cover, Reflection, and Bend  
  • 3D Book Covers Pt. 2: Spine, Reflection, and Cant  
  • 3D Book Covers Pt. 3: Pages and Shadow  
Tricks My Grandpa Taught Me About the GIMP
  • Bump Maps Pt. 1: Using Images  
  • Bump Maps Pt. 2: Using Text  
  • Water Reflection Effect  
  • Filters: Homework Assignment  
Additional Lectures
  • Things I Forgot to Mention  
  • Wait a Second, That Happened Too Fast  
Bonus Material
  • Creating a Book Cover Pt. 1  
  • Creating a Book Cover Pt. 2  
  • Creating a Book Cover Pt. 3  
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