Course: PCB Design with Proteus

PCB Design with Proteus

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About this Course

Learn to Design Printed Circuit Board with Proteus | PCB Design

In this course We are going to cover all the necessary aspect to design a high quality printed circuit board. This is a step by step course.

We are going to start in the squematic circuit then the PCB layout and get the 3d visualization, also We are going to learn how to get the output files like PDF and Gerber files.

Let's get started!

Basic knowledge
  • Basic Electronic knowledge
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Eager to learn
What you will learn
  • Design a printed circuit board with Proteus
  • Design a PCB with 1 or 2 Layers
Number of Lectures: 48
Total Duration: 03:23:48
First Step in Proteus
  • Creating a New Project  
  • User Interface & Navigation in the work area  
  • Edit the Tittle Block  
  • Select and Place components from Proteus Library  
  • Components with Simulator Model  
  • Set Keyboard Shortcuts  
  • Manage Components  
Schematic Design
  • Schematic Circuit  
  • Create a New Schematic Library  
  • Creating the Connector  
  • Creating the Resistors  
  • Creating the Potentiometer  
  • Creating the 555 Timer  
  • Connecting the Schematic  
  • Adding Tags Terminal Modes  
  • Finishing the Schematic  
PCB Layout
  • Switching from Schematic to PCB Layout  
  • Basic PCB Layout Terminology  
  • Create a Footprint Library  
  • Creating the Resistors Footprints  
  • Creating the Potentiometer Footprint  
  • Creating the Diode Led Footprint  
  • Creating the Connector Footprint  
  • Creating the 555 Timer Footprint  
  • Placing the Footprints  
  • Creating the PCB Border  
  • Design Rule Managers  
  • Autorouting  
  • Manual Routing - Tracks  
  • Manual Routing - Vias  
  • Teardrop  
  • Power Plane Generator  
  • Adding Text and Logo  
3D Visualization
  • 3D Navigation  
  • Adding 3D Components  
  • Setting the 3D PCB  
  • Where to find 3D components  
  • Donwloading 3d Model (Step AP214)  
Output Files
  • Exporting PDF Schematic  
  • Exporting PDF Layers  
  • Generate Gerber Files  
  • Bill of Materials - BOM  
PCB Manufacturing
  • PCBWAY  
  • Ordering the PCB on PCBWAY  
  • Receiving the PCB  
  • Building and Testing the PCB  
  • Thank You to take this course  
Video Responses
  • Q1: How can I make simulation for example with my own made resistor?  
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